A fake WhatsApp app is affecting iPhones

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A false application of WhatsApp with malware it is affecting some users who have downloaded that infected version.

 main whatsapp

They supplant the WhatsApp app

WhatsApp It is probably the most used instant messaging app in the world. It is because of this, and because it belongs to Facebook, which is not at all oblivious to different attacks. And today we learned that this app could have been “Supplanted”.

This has been made known by several researchers when they announced that a copy of WhatsApp infected with malware is affecting, exclusively, to the iPhone. This copy of WhatsApp, once on the device, you could access user and device data.

From WhatsApp they recommend downloading only the original app and from the official app stores

The app, which was practically identical to the original WhatsApp accessed and shared, through different methods, various device data. Among them, for example, IMEI. Given this, from WhatsApp They have reacted and recommended downloading only the original app and always from the official app stores.

This version of WhatsApp infected by malware is not in the App Store. But, despite this, it is affecting users of iPhone who download applications for iPhone from other “app stores” and have been unlucky enough to download this infected version of WhatsApp.


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Therefore, if you have not downloaded applications from anywhere other than the App Store or, at least, you have not downloaded WhatsApp from other “application stores” you should not worry that your WhatsApp was affected.

But, given this, the only thing we can do is recommend that you download apps only from reliable sources. The most reliable, without a doubt for apps iPhone is he App Store. And seeing this, it is at least advisable to download apps only from the application store of Manzana and not from other sites no matter how reliable they may seem.


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