A “fake update” of Facebook Messenger affects users

A "fake update" of Facebook Messenger affects users

A Facebook Messenger “fake update” it is stealing data from many users who are being affected in a large number of countries.

Be careful what is happening with Facebook Messenger!

We all know that, to a greater or lesser extent, the digital world is not without risks. And it is that, although most companies try to avoid them for their users, it is inevitable that, in one way or another, there will end up having one.

And this is what happened to Facebook Messenger since an ad campaign has been detected through Facebook that promotes a false update that, what it really does, is to get the data of the users who fall into the trap.

There is no update to Facebook Messenger that includes more features than the current app

This fake campaign was promoted as a new update that included more features than the real version of Facebook Messenger and managed to deceive users by making use of all representative elements of Facebook and of Messenger.

Once the link was clicked, a web page was opened through a link shortener where users had to enter their username and password. Facebook to be able to download the supposed update.

active face id messenger

Security options in Facebook Messenger

This was how they were done with all user data. Data that may be too much and that would even allow affected users to be impersonated. At the moment, this fake campaign has affected thousands of users in more than 70 countries.

Faced with this, the only thing we can recommend is that you distrust these types of campaigns that promise more functions. Not only that, but also that you only update your devices through the official app stores and, as far as possible, do not install anything from outside of them, unless you know it.


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