A completely renovated new iPad Air is leaked

A completely renovated new iPad Air is leaked

In the last hours the user manual of a new iPad Air completely renovated that could compete with the iPad Pro.

The leaked user manual

With August coming to an end, the world Manzana he already has his you look in september (or October). When the presentation is made we will see the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. But it is also possible that, as usual, we see other devices of Manzana.

Those other devices are normally the Manzana Watch, and this year it seems that new iPad. And it is with respect to this device that there is news since, apparently, a new iPad Air completely renovated.

If this leak becomes a reality, this new iPad Air 4 could almost compete with the iPad Pro

He iPad Air, whose latest model is 2019, has tended to keep its design since its launch. A design with frames, and that has not had much variation. But this could change if the new leak of what would be the iPad Air 4.

The leak consists of several images from a user manual in Spanish of that iPad. In them you can see that the device would be all screen, like the iPad Pro, but it would lack the unlock method Face ID.

new ipad air 4 new 2020 1

This would be the new device

And how is this possible? Well, instead of having Face ID at the top just like the iPad Pro, this new iPad Air 4 it would be all screen but it would have Touch ID on the unlock button, which would be located at the top of the device.

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Not only would it be all screen, removing the Home button and moving Touch ID to the lock and unlock button, but would also add more news. These include the inclusion of gestures, as corresponds to the removal of the Home button, USB-C instead of Lightning, and Smart Connector to connect accessories to it.

If this leak is real, we would be facing the biggest update of the iPad Air. And it wouldn’t be surprising if it came true as it might make sense for Apple to include Face ID, only, in their models Premium. What do you think of this new iPad Air 4? Would you like it to come true?

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