A complete guide to fix deferred notifications on Android

A complete guide to fix deferred notifications on Android

Ideally, your smartphone should notify you of new notifications or updates to applications as soon as they arrive. If you find a delay in delivering notifications – a few seconds or minutes – on your Android device, something is wrong somewhere. The delay should not be present often, except the temporary problem of mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix deferred notifications on your Android.

Most of the time, your device hides or delays notifications to save battery power or reduce data usage. Certain system settings may cause the normal operation of application notifications to be interrupted.

In this guide, we list some effective fixes that will help your Android device to get app notifications quickly.

1. Reactivate Wi-Fi or mobile data

Poor or intermittent network quality is one of the main causes of notification delay on Android and devices running other operating systems. If you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, deactivate the Wi-Fi on your device and reconnect to the network. Go to Settings> Network & Internet and turn off Wi-Fi connectivity. Turn it back on after a few seconds.

Fix Android delayed notifications

For mobile data, go to Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile data and turn off mobile data. Turn it back on and check if your notifications are now sent as soon as they arrive.

Fix Android 01 delayed notifications

You can also turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data from your phone’s notification panel / drawer. Just swipe down from the top of your screen and tap Wi-Fi or Mobile data to turn them off. Press it again to reactivate one of them.

Fix delayed notifications from Android 02

2. Correction using airplane mode

Disabling airplane mode and reactivating it can also resolve network connectivity issues that delay app notifications. Swipe down from the top of your screen to display the notification panel, and tap the airplane icon. This will activate airplane mode.

Fix delayed notifications from Android 03

Tap the airplane icon again to deactivate airplane mode. If the delay in notifications persists or you don’t receive them at all, go to the next troubleshooting method.

3. Remove background restriction

To help you save battery, Android sometimes prevents certain apps from using your device’s battery in the background. While this significantly saves battery life, restricted apps may not function properly and may delay notification.

If you notice that notifications from a particular app are not being sent in a timely manner, check that the app is not limited to using your phone’s battery in the background.

Step 1: Launch the Android Settings menu and press “Application and notifications”.

Fix delayed notifications from Android 04

2nd step: Tap “View all apps” to view all the apps installed on your device.

Fix Android 05 delayed notifications

Step 3: Tap the affected app with delayed notifications.

Fix delayed notifications from Android 06

Step 4: Tap the Advanced drop-down option and click Battery.

Fix delayed notifications from Android 07

Fix delayed notifications from Android 08

Step 5: Tap Background Restriction.

Fix delayed notifications from Android 09

Step 6: Tap Remove when prompted to turn off background restriction for the app.

Fix Android 10 delayed notifications

This should no longer delay app notifications.

4. Deactivate battery saver / battery saving mode

Enabling battery saving mode on your device will limit and restrict certain device processes such as immediate delivery of notifications. To avoid delay in notification, try disabling the battery saver or battery saving mode on your device.

To do this, swipe down from the notification panel, and tap Battery saver to turn it off. You can also go to Settings> Battery> Battery saver and press the “Disable now” button.

Fix Android 11 delayed notifications

Fix Android 12 delayed notifications

5. Disable the adaptive battery

Adaptive battery is another feature of the Android operating system (Android 9 Pie and newer) which sometimes causes a delay in notification. In order to extend the battery life of your device, the Adaptive Battery feature limits the battery for applications that you don’t use often, resulting in delayed notifications.

To deactivate the adaptive battery, go to Settings> Battery> Adaptive battery and deactivate “Use the adaptive battery”.

Fix Android 13 delayed notifications

6. Disable the data saver

Like the background restriction (see method # 3 above), Data Saver also prevents certain applications from sending and receiving data in the background. This could cause some app notifications to arrive on your device later than usual. To fix this, turn off Data Saver (or Data Saving Mode) on your device and check if app notifications are now sent quickly.

Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Data saver and turn off the “Use data saver” option.

Fix Android 14 delayed notifications

If you don’t want to turn off the data saver for all apps, you can ask your device to give unlimited access to the data to select apps. Applications with unlimited access to data will not have their notifications delayed when the data saver is activated. Just tap Unlimited data and switch to the apps you want to grant unlimited access to data.

Fix Android 15 delayed notifications

Fix Android 16 delayed notifications

7. Clear the application cache

If the deferred notification issue is specific to a particular application, clearing the application cache might help resolve it. Follow the steps below to clear an application’s cache.

Step 1: Open Settings and select “Applications and notifications”.

Fix Android 17 delayed notifications

2nd step: Tap “View all apps”.

Fix Android 18 delayed notifications

Step 3: Select the application concerned.

Fix Android 19 delayed notifications

Step 4: Then select “Storage and cache”.

Fix deferred notifications for Android 20

Step 5: Press the “Clear cache” icon to clear the application cache.

Fix Android 21 delayed notifications

8. Disable Do not disturb

If a do not disturb calendar is set on your device, all app calls, texts and notifications will be silenced and temporarily delayed. To resolve this issue, you can disable “Do not disturb” or configure an application to override the “Do not disturb” settings on your device.

Go to Settings> Applications & notifications> Notifications> Advanced> Do not disturb and press the “Deactivate now” button to deactivate the “Do not disturb” option.

Fix Android 22 deferred notifications

As mentioned before, you can also configure an application to replace the notification delay caused by “Do not disturb”. Follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu on your device and select “Applications and notifications”.

Fix Android 17 delayed notifications

2nd step: Then select the application you want to configure in the “Recently opened applications” section or press “View all applications” to select another application.

Fix Android 23 delayed notifications

Step 3: Select Notifications.

Fix Android 27 deferred notifications

Step 4: Select a notification category for which you want to replace “Do not disturb”.

Fix Android 24 delayed notifications

Step 5: Select Advanced and switch to “Replace Do not disturb”.

Fix Android 25 delayed notifications

Correction des notifications retardées d'Android 26

Cela garantira que les notifications de l’application ne seront pas retardées même lorsque “Ne pas déranger” est activé.


Les notifications interrompent souvent la musique jouée sur votre téléphone Android. Lisez l’article lié ci-dessous pour savoir comment désactiver et arrêter automatiquement les notifications Android lors de la lecture de musique.

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