A bug in iOS and iPadOS prevents opening some applications

A bug in iOS and iPadOS prevents opening some applications

A bug has appeared in iOS and iPadOS which is preventing many users from opening and using apps that they had downloaded on their devices.

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A bug affects numerous iOS and iPadOS users

In general, the iPhone and iPadIn addition to being more secure, they tend to be more stable than other mobile devices due to their operating systems. But that does not mean that iOS and iPadOS are completely free of bugs and glitches.

And, it seems, in the last few hours many users are reporting a bug or failure of iOS and iPadOS. Specifically, this failure prevents users with apps downloaded and installed on their devices from opening and using them.

This iOS and iPadOS bug affects users who have “Family” activated

When trying to open various apps, of different categories, the affected users have not been opened the app and a pop-up notification has appeared. In it you can read «This app is no longer being shared with you. To use it you must buy it on the App Store«, Giving the option to see the app it doesn’t open in the App Store to download it again.

This ruling, present both in iOS 13.5 as in some previous versions, it only appears in those accounts that use the utility «In Family«. Utility that allows you to download and install apps on multiple devices using a single account. Hence the message that appears on the screen and indicates that the app is not being shared.

bug failed to open apps on ios ipados familybug failed to open apps on ios ipados family

The message that appears if this bug is suffered

The solution This problem basically involves removing the applications that cause problems and reinstalling them on the device. To do this, simply delete them from the home screen by pressing and holding the app.

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Another option, instead of deleting them with the consequent loss of data, it is to access General in the Settings of iOS. From there we must select Storage of the iPhone, choose the app that is causing problems and select Uninstall. In this way, the data of the app will not be lost and, by reinstalling it, you can reuse it with the previous data.


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