9 of the best Firefox addons for social media enthusiasts

9 of the best Firefox addons for social media enthusiasts

Are you active on social networks? If you are using the Firefox browser, there are plenty of extensions that will save you time, better connect with your audience, and improve your overall experience. The following is our pre-selected selection of some of the best Firefox addons for social media enthusiasts. Each has been verified to keep its promises and is fairly easy to use.

1. Facebook container

For those who are active on the social scene, using Facebook is easier as a login option. This has some privacy implications, as Facebook can track your browsing activity beyond Facebook.com. Its Like and Share buttons can even follow sites that you haven’t signed in with your Facebook account.

Firefox Social Extensions Facebook Container 1

Facebook container is a useful extension that separates your Facebook identity into a separate “container”, a feature already present in Firefox. This allows you to enjoy Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger on your computer separately from the rest of the web.

Learn more about using Facebook containers.

2. Google Translator for Firefox

On social networks, it is quite common to come across foreign text. Instead of opening a new tab, it’s easier to use Google Translate. Firefox has a built-in Google Translate option which can be quickly activated to translate blocks of text as well as entire web pages.

Firefox Google Translate social extensionsFirefox Google Translate social extensions

3. Pinterest Save button

Pinterest is an easier way to keep track of all your browsing content online without filling up the bookmarks bar. Anything you want to save just needs to be ‘pinned’ for instant access anytime.

Firefox Social Extensions Pinterest Save 1Firefox Social Extensions Pinterest Save 1

Firefox official Pinterest Save button is a handy tool for any social web user. The image or browser tab turns red, and you can continue to pin as much as you want. For your creativity, check out a “more like this” feature that lets you discover new visually interesting ideas just by hovering over an image.

Firefox Pinterest Plus social extensionsFirefox Pinterest Plus social extensions

4. Bitly

Do you frequently share links and URLs on your social media accounts? Bit.ly is a URL shortening app that most recipients know about. Just log in once using your Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts (or create a Bit.ly account), and you can create as many unique shortened URLs as you want.

The link is automatically copied to your clipboard and ready to paste on any social networking site. You also have a paid option to upgrade your Bit.ly account and get your own short domain to display a “branded” link. As it stands, Bit.ly is very popular with social media advertisers.

Firefox Bitly 1 social extensionsFirefox Bitly 1 social extensions

5. Twitter as a sidebar

For those of us who are frequent Twitter users, it is unimaginable to miss an update, mention or similar mention of our favorite Twitteratis. If you don’t mind multitasking, watch this innovative sidebar app that limits all of your Twitter updates to a neat singular column.

Firefox Social Extensions Twitter SidebarFirefox Social Extensions Twitter Sidebar

6. Emoji cheat sheet

Love them or hate them, emojis may have become the official language of the internet. If you’re running out of emoji styles to describe a specific mood or reaction, Emoji cheat sheet may just give you the perfect idea. Emojis you click are automatically saved to your clipboard so you can paste them on any social networking site. All of these emojis are supported on GitHub and BaseCamp.

Firefox Social Extensions Emojis 1Firefox Social Extensions Emojis 1

7. Video downloader for Facebook

Whether you are enjoying a video shared by a friend or watching the latest feed on a Facebook channel, you might be looking for an easy way to download the video. Facebook official video downloader allows you to accomplish the task with just one click. Videos are available in SD and HD format.

Firefox Social Extensions Video Downloader 1Firefox Social Extensions Video Downloader 1

8. Watch2Gether

Do you like to watch videos with your friends? Watch2Gether is an official Firefox extension that lets you collect videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and many other hosting sites. Share them in your browser for an authentic combined social experience.

Firefox Social Extensions Watch2gether 1Firefox Social Extensions Watch2gether 1

9. Messenger for Google Hangouts

Joining a Google Hangouts call is very easy in the Firefox browser window itself. This extension works in no time by directing your audio and video chats as well as chats in a single panel.

Social Extensions Firefox Google Hangouts 1Social Extensions Firefox Google Hangouts 1

If you don’t use Google Hangouts, you can use other extensions to Skype, Focus on meetings, and Webex.

What are your favorite social media extensions on Firefox? Please share them in the comments.


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