9 free music download apps for Android

9 free music download apps for Android

We’re well into the consumer media streaming generation with music downloads in the Spotify era, and it’s starting to look a bit like DVDs in the Netflix era. That said, there is just something reassuring about having your music right on your device without having to worry about the vagaries of bad internet connections or having fun on long-haul flights. You probably want a music downloader app for your Android phone to download music to your device.

Here are our favorite music downloader apps for Android that won’t cost you a dime.

Note: Many of these apps need to be downloaded from outside the Play Store and will require you to allow unknown sources on Android.

1. Fildo

There are two different versions of the Fildo app – one is the “music player” on the play store, but that won’t give you the MP3 downloader you are looking for. To get the version of Fildo that lets you download music for free, you need install the APK from the official Fildo website.

Free Android Music Downloader Apps Fildo 1

Once you have that, use the in-app search to find specific songs or albums that you want to search for. You can also use the different “Top” charts from various music sites that the app integrates with if you want to explore the hits.

Fildo 2 Free Android Music Downloader AppsFildo 2 Free Android Music Downloader Apps

Once you find the album or song you want, tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner and then choose the appropriate option to download music, create a playlist or listen to it. at once.

2. YMusic

One of the most stylish and official music downloader apps, YMusic allows you to play any YouTube video as an audio file, even allowing you to run it in the background on your phone.

Free Android Music Downloader Apps YmusicFree Android Music Downloader Apps Ymusic

The real kicker here is that you can also download videos as audio files. You have the option to download them in M4A and MP3 formats, and it has a great library UI which then lets you manage your music files just like you would in a music player app.

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Of all the options on this list, YMusic is by far the most convenient (although you have to download it from outside of the Play Store) and the most reliable. For these reasons, it tops our list.

3. SoundCloud Downloader

Note: requires Xposed Framework and a rooted Android device.

Most of the apps on this list don’t require rooting or the Xposed Framework, but it’s a challenge to find an app that can download mixes and tracks from the popular music streaming site SoundCloud.

the SoundCloud Downloader Xposed module integrates with the SoundCloud app, creating an additional option in the three-dot menu that lets you download any tracks you want. That’s all we can say about it. It’s an extremely simple add-on to use, but if you don’t want to have to root your phone and install the Xposed Framework, read on for our more easily accessible apps.

4. NewPipe

While NewPipe Still seems a bit of a work in progress, it definitely gets the job done when it comes to downloading music. It is open source and is constantly being improved. It now supports SoundCloud, MediaCCC and FramaTube downloads.

Free Newpipe Music Downloader AppsFree Newpipe Music Downloader Apps

By default, the app opens as a YouTube interface. Just select the video you want to download and then click the download icon at the top right and choose whether you want to download it as video or audio and in what format you want.

To switch to SoundCloud, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, then the large red “NewPipe” icon at the top, and select SoundCloud (beta).

5. GTunes Music Downloader

An old man but a goodie… like Tom Waits. GTunes search several major areas of downloadable music for your queries – you will find millions of artists and songs across generations. The search options are pretty rudimentary, so it’s best to use it if you know exactly what songs you’re looking for and just want to go out and download them.


Note that when we used the four search engine app only “C” got the results, so try using this one before complaining that all of this doesn’t work! GTunes also has its own built-in player and even lets you cut your songs and set songs as ringtones. These are all pretty basic stuff but rounded up to a decent little package.

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6. SONGily

The Play Store blurb for this is somewhat confusing, suggesting that you have to be some sort of a member to enjoy this app. Ignore this. The free version of SONGily is ad-supported and has access to a healthy stock of music, new and old, from both traditional and obscure artists, from card music to sea songs. (That’s right, I found songs from Assassin’s Creed IV here.) With every song you find, you’ll see options to play and download the songs you’re listening to, and they recently added a feature that you can use. also allows downloading videos.


This is exactly the kind of app that I imagine Google doesn’t like too much, so don’t be too surprised if it disappears from the Play Store and you have to download it manually.

7. TubeMate

Sometimes the best apps for your free music downloads are the ones that aren’t even designed specifically for this purpose. TubeMate is an app that allows you to download YouTube videos in a number of formats, including audio only. As you probably know, YouTube is one of the best places to listen to your favorite music, and thanks to TubeMate, it’s also one of the best places to download that music.


You can download TubeMate here (Google doesn’t allow it in the Play Store, probably because it intrudes on YouTube), and when you try to download videos as audio (M4A or MP3), you will also be prompted to download MP3 Video Converter, which syncs with TubeMate to convert video to audio.

8. 4Shared

The famous 4Shared file sharing repository has been around on PC for years, and it has proven to be a huge hit on Android too. Again, this is not designed just for music as users can download whatever files they want, but it’s as good at finding music as anything else. (There’s even an option to specifically search for music files.)


4Shared can be downloaded from the Play Store but not in all countries. If you can’t get it from your country’s Play Store, you can download the free APK here.

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9. Audiomack

If you want to know that the music you download will not infringe any copyright, and that you are also open to discovering emerging talent in the arenas of hip-hop, electronics and reggae, then donate Audiomack A try.


This app provides a platform for artists without official distribution points while still having a content filtering system in place to ensure that the content is of good quality. This goodwill project has already propelled hip-hop stars like T-Wayne, Fetty Wap and Migos into label deals and gives you a chance to help find the next big star.

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