8 of the best TikTok alternatives for creating and sharing videos

8 of the best TikTok alternatives for creating and sharing videos

TikTok has become a very popular platform for creating spontaneous short form videos for a wide range of followers. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and the Play Store. Currently, the app faces restrictions in some countries, either due to user privacy issues or simply because it is no longer available. For example, India recently banned TikTok as well as the UC browser and a few other applications. This list includes the best TikTok alternatives that match TikTok in terms of functionality, appearance and popularity.

1. Likee – Let yourself shine

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 500 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Likee 1

If you’re looking for a game very close to TikTok, then Singapore-based Likee (formerly LIKE) is definitely worth having on your phone. It has great features and filters for hair color, makeup, 4D magic and superpowers, as well as gameplay and gift effects. Whether you want to create entertainment videos, fun clips or make new friends, Likee is a high-quality choice that is worth it.

2. Kwai – Video social network

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 100 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Kwai 1Tiktok Alternatives Kwai 1

“Kwai” means cute in Japanese: the objective of the application is to transform selfies into video clips in no time. With lip sync and doubling features, Kwai has the essence of TikTok written everywhere. Kwai is well known for its interesting community of talented people it houses.

The only downside to this wonderful app is that it was rated 17 years and older on the App Store due to adult themes, horror, maturity and violence, so it is definitely not for young people. There is a family sharing method that would allow up to six family members to use Kwai simultaneously.

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3. Triller: social video platform

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 10 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Triller 1Tiktok Alternatives Triller 1

Triller is an emerging video shorts platform that is exclusively aimed at music enthusiasts, although it does not have much use for vlogging or other forms of entertainment video. You can access the most popular tracks and add more than 100 filters applied to better personalize the videos.

Triller has features such as a “simplified recording mode” which allows you to instantly capture video and add music with one click. You can combine as many short clips as you want to create a single recording. The app is gaining popularity and if you are engaged in the genre of short videos or if you dream of being an entertainment celebrity, consider signing up soon!

4. Chingari

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 11 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Chingari 1Tiktok Alternatives Chingari 1

For creators of short videos in India, Chingari suddenly became a big overnight sensation with 11 million downloads within eight days of its launch. It even overtook TikTok briefly in terms of download volume.

It is currently one of the hottest social media apps for South Asians in general, but at the same time finds a global audience. Chingari lets you create great videos in one instant. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it allows you to add WhatsApp statuses and GIF stickers to this chat platform. It’s easy to make friends on the app. In due course, this application will certainly become very popular given its meteoric rise.

5. Dubsmash

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 100 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Dubsmash 1Tiktok Alternatives Dubsmash 1

With over a billion views per month, Dubsmash is a very popular short video app, which has been highly rated for its global appeal and good quality content. This German application works like a conventional dubbing video: you have to select a Dub, record a hit and share it with your subscribers. If you are a recorder, you will admire the monetization capacities of the application which are measured according to the number of views according to each profile.

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6. Funimate

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 10 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Funimate 1Tiktok Alternatives Funimate 1

If you want an easy-to-use yet fun and engaging music video app, Funimate is worth a try. You can just use your Facebook account to synchronize with this app. There are TikTok-like real-time effects, and the best part is the seemingly huge variety of transitions that make videos look professional. A feature called “touch magic” allows you to create beautiful appearances for selfies. All videos can be automatically uploaded to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

7. Smule – the social song app

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 5 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Smule 1Tiktok Alternatives Smule 1

Smule is a social media exclusively reserved for singers. If you love to sing and make music, it has an amazing variety of features to give you a professional edge. Whether your strong duet sings or dances to karaoke rhythms, Smule is there for you. It is also an emerging app that has the distinct possibility of becoming popular in the future given its global base.

8. Lomotif – Music clip editor

Availability: iOS, Android

Downloads: 10 million +

Tiktok Alternatives Lomotif 1Tiktok Alternatives Lomotif 1

If you want a decent music app that can make / edit slideshows on the fly with all the types of songs you can imagine, Lomotif does the trick. You don’t have to face copyright issues when handling music, because the app creators covered it on your behalf! You can create and create as many channels as you like, and the editing features are rich and intuitive. Lomotif is becoming a preferred alternative to those looking for another point of sale separate from TikTok.

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How to use TikTok if it is banned in your country

We’ve suggested some great options here, but many of you may still want to stick with TikTok. Even if it is banned in your country and is not available on Play Store / App Store, you can follow these steps to start using it again. You will need a decent VPN solution, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, etc.

1. Go to Play Store / App Store in Settings and clear your cache.

2. Start your VPN application, choose a server for a country where the application is not prohibited and download TikTok or other unavoidable applications.

Are you a fan of short videos? What is your favorite TikTok alternative? Please let us know in the comments.


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