7 features that make VideoProc the best YouTube video converter

7 features that make VideoProc the best YouTube video converter

Today, YouTube is the source of all kinds of tutorials you can think of. From recipes to movie reviews and makeup tips – you can find a guide or tutorial for almost everything. Watching a series of YouTube videos can be fun. But what happens if Internet (or Wi-Fi) connectivity is fragile or continues to decline often? Certainly, you will not be able to continue your frenzy. Well, this is where tools like VideoProc come into play.

VideoProc is a powerful video converter and downloader provided with a hardware acceleration function. It harnesses the power of your PC’s graphics card to render 4K videos. Plus, it comes with a few handy tools that make editing and rendering of 4K videos easy, even if you’re new to the game.

And now the tool bundles a handy YouTube video converter, which (you guessed it) lets you convert YouTube videos for offline viewing.

The best part is that VideoProc offers many options and customization features to explore. In addition, the interface is simple. Just paste the URL. Then the application will analyze the URL and present the data behind it in a precise manner.

So if you are you are planning to get VideoProc mainly for converting YouTube videos, here are some of the best features you should know about.

Let’s start.

1. Support for common formats

VideoProc has a simple interface and supports a wide range of file formats. You can select between MP4, MP3 and M4A outside of web formats such as WebM.

7 features that make Video Proc the ultimate You Tube video converter

Once you’ve pasted a video link in the box, you can see the supported formats. And that’s not all. VideoProc also lets you switch to a default file format (more on that later).

2. Choose the download quality

In addition, it also allows you to choose the download quality. If you want to save on your Internet bandwidth, you can choose to download the video in a lower resolution.

VideoProc shows the default quality in which the video was downloaded. However, clicking the View button at the top reveals all of the supported resolutions and formats.

7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube 4 video converter

These options appear right after the tool has finished parsing the URL. And if you download playlists, you can choose a different download quality for specific videos to suit your taste.

3. Extract music from videos

Besides converting YouTube videos, VideoProc also allows you to extract music or sound from videos. This gives you the freedom to listen to these “videos” anywhere – be it your smartphone or your music player offline. So, whether it’s a TEDx speech or a motivational speech, you can listen to it as an audio podcast after extracting the audio with this tool.

Top 7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube video converter 1

And the process of extracting audio is also not a rocket science. Copy the URL and then click Add Music. Once done, select Paste and Analyze, and all options will be visible to you immediately.

Top 7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube 5 video converter

Then select the quality and click the Download button to conclude.

Cool tip: All downloaded audio and video files are easily accessible via the clever “Open” button in the right panel.

4. Download and convert playlists

Another interesting and useful feature of VideoProc is that it allows you to download your favorite playlists to your PC. From your favorite songs to a bunch of random videos related to your hobby, you can now save an offline version all at once.

7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube 9 video converter

The process is similar to converting standalone videos. However, the tool will take some time to analyze and analyze the videos. And depending on the number of entries on the playlist, the download time may vary.

5. Record your YouTube sessions live

Another great feature of VideoProc is that you can download live YouTube videos. And that’s not all.

The tool also allows you to record a specific duration of the video. There is a handy option that allows you to enter the start time and end time of a video. And once finished, you can download it for offline viewing.

7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube video converter

In addition to this, you can also select the quality of the downloaded videos according to your taste.

6. Improve downloaded videos

As mentioned earlier, VideoProc also doubles as a video editing tool. It brings together a feature-rich video editor that makes it easy to edit and personalize the videos you’ve downloaded. The tools are easily accessible and are displayed right next to the downloaded videos.

7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube 2 video converter

It allows you to cut out, add special effects, load new subtitles and add your own watermark, among others.

Just choose a tool from the list and the app will walk you through the rest.

Top 7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube 2 video converter

At the same time, you can also select the output format. For example, if you want to render in the H.264 codec for iPhone, you can choose it. The options are right there on the bottom panel.

7. Customize the quality of the download according to your preferences

As mentioned earlier, VideoProc downloads videos in the highest resolution available, and the option to switch to a lower resolution is always provided in the download box. That said, you can set a default low resolution quality of 720p or 480p if you don’t want to make these changes for each video.

Top 7 features that make Video Proc the best You Tube 3 video converter

To do this, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner and head to the Download section. Go to the resolution of your choice, and that’s it. It’s simple, right?

Bravo to unlimited music and videos

VideoProc is not just for converting YouTube videos or converting your videos offline. This handy tool also supports other video platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook videos.

The application interface is clean and clutter-free. With a majority of the settings and application options carefully arranged at the front, navigation is simple. And the ad-free experience is a bonus.

The free version of VideoProc comes with certain limitations. For example, updates and advanced functionality of the app are limited in the free version.

7 features that make Video Proc the best price for You Tube video converter

All limitations are removed when you get the premium version. The one-year license is available for $ 29.95 and provides GPU acceleration and one year of application updates. The family license is available for $ 57.95, valid for 2 to 5 computers. In addition, you can also explore the lifetime license, which you can get for $ 42.95.

Last updated on May 11, 2020

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