7 cool ways to repurpose an old USED iPHONE

7 cool ways to repurpose an old USED iPHONE

We give you 7 ideas for you to reuse your old used iPhone. Do not sell it, do not throw it away.

Ways to reuse your old used iPhone

Surely if you are a lover of mobile Manzana, you will have found yourself in the position of buying the latest model and not knowing what to do with your old iPhone, truth?. In this new post from our section of opinion articles, we give you some ideas.

Many choose to sell it, give it to a relative or acquaintance, hand it over to Apple in exchange for a discount or a gift card … and there are even people who throw them away. This last option is the worst of all since, apart from losing money, a mobile phone has very polluting elements that are very dangerous for the environment.

Before you do any of the actions that we have mentioned, we are going to give you ideas so that you can reuse your iPhone used. We propose new uses for you to give your old terminal a chance.

What to do with your old used iPhone. 7 ideas to give it a new utility:

1. Use it as a photo and / or video camera:

Most of the devices ManzanaNo matter how old they are, they have a powerful camera that you can use as a photo and video camera. Instead of using your current terminal, you can use your old iPhone to photograph and record videos, for example, at parties, vacations…. In this way, you can have more free space on your current mobile and prevent it from falling and breaking while you are, for example, partying.

Used iPhone camera

Used iPhone Camera

2. Use your old iPhone for GPS:

Download a map application and use the iPhone to travel or as a stray. Still not having access to mobile data, you can download applications with WIFI and then use the Gps from the terminal on your travels.

3. As a music player:

We all know the number of applications and websites that allow us download music on our device. If you are a user of Spotify PREMIUM, from Apple Music or other music platform on Streaming, better than better. You can use your old iPhone to download music and enjoy it wherever you want and without spending mobile data.

You can also put into practice what we explain in this Podcast.

Listen to music with your old used iphone

Listen to music with your old used iphone

4. Use it to download videos and watch them offline:

As with music, we all know of apps that allow us download videos on iPhone. If you are a user of, for example, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +… You can download your favorite series and movies to watch them on your old iPhone without spending a single piece of information.

You can also download videos in the way we explained in the fifth trick of this video:

4. Use your used iPhone for sports:

This is one of the utilities that we have given the most to our old mobiles. We download sports monitoring apps and we use the iPhone to go out to do sports. This allows you to go out without your current phone and, thus, be able to disconnect from everything while you exercise.

5. Use it as a second phone:

It costs nothing to register a new line. We have it prepaid. We put 10 € balance and we have a second phone line that never hurts to have it.

Old iPhone

old iPhone

6. Use your used iPhone as a surveillance camera:

It is a use that can come from pearls, for example, if you have small children at home and you have to leave them alone while you make the food, you shower, you hang the clothes…. In this article we explain how to create the surveillance camera with iPhone.

Surveillance camera

Surveillance Camera

Have you found the uses that we have proposed interesting? We hope so and that, before selling or throwing away one of these powerful used iPhones, you will give them a new utility.

Can you think of another way to reuse them? If so, we hope you write us in the comments of this article.



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