7 Best Ways To Fix Google Docs Auto Backup Problem

7 Best Ways To Fix Google Docs Auto Backup Problem

Cloud storage apps help you back up all your data online and in real time. And web apps that support real-time backup of your work are also beneficial. Google Docs became an instant hit as it offered an auto-save feature to save all changes and your work instantly. However, what if the Google Docs auto-save feature does not work?

Fixed Google Docs auto-save not working issue

Several users found it difficult when they lost their work due to the failure of the automatic backup. Let’s understand how it works and the possible reasons for its failure. There are also ways to recover lost work.

Let’s start.

1. Administrator help

Are you working on a shared file that belongs to someone else? Contact the administrator of the file and ask if they made any changes. It is possible that the changes were saved on their side, but for some reason or a bug, not appearing on your side. If so, the administrator can share the document.

On the other hand, the administrator may have revoked your access to the document, making any changes you made obsolete.

2. Check the clipboard

I use Windows 10 as my preferred operating system and often find my job every now and then. The Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C shortcuts will copy everything I’ve written so far to the clipboard. Think of it as a quick and easy backup. Press Windows key + V to display the clipboard with the previous clips.

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 5

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 5

Did you copy your work or part of it for some reason? Could save the day. That’s an interesting tip, and we’ve already covered advanced clipboard apps for Windows, Android, and macOS. Go check them out to make sure it never happens again, with any app.

3. Check Google Drive Web

Some users discovered that the file had been updated and saved in the web version. However, it was not saved on their computer. It could happen with you. The reasons can include poor internet connection, sync issues, and bugs. Open Google Drive in your browser and locate the file. Check if it is updated and date / time when it was last updated.

4. Synchronization issues

There are different ways to troubleshoot Google Drive syncing issues, and the solutions depend on the platform you’re using. We have already covered Google Drive sync errors on Windows and Android and how to fix them.

5. Google Docs offline error

Were you using Google Docs offline? Ideally, this should have worked, and all your work should sync and save the next time you connect to the internet. But this is not always the case, and there are ways to fix this problem as well.

6. Files in the recycle bin

Did you or another team member accidentally delete the file? Check the recycle bin in your Google Drive account.

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 1 not working

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 1 not working

You will find the option in the left sidebar in the web app and the sidebar menu in the mobile app.

7. Version history

One of the coolest features of Google Drive is document version history. The Version History feature allows you to save multiple versions of the same document if you want to go back in time. Useful when several people are working on the same document or when AutoSave does not work.

Open the document in question, and from the File menu, select View Version History under Version History. Don’t forget the keyboard shortcut for later use.

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 2

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 2

All previous versions will now be displayed in the right sidebar.

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 3

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 3

You can click on any version, and it will load automatically. It is also a good way to roll back or undo changes. There is also an option for “Name current version” on the File menu. This is another way to save labor from time to time.

The next time you write something in Google Docs, check whether the autosave feature is working or not. Usually it will save periodically every few seconds after you make any changes.

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 4

Fixed Google Docs auto-save issue 4

You should display the message “The last modification took place a few seconds ago”. This means that Google Docs records your work consistently. You should also notice that the save message appears when you make a change at the top. There is something wrong if you don’t witness these visual signs. This is where you need to beware and start taking precautions.

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Autobots to the rescue

The auto-save feature of Google Docs is extremely crucial. This is what sets it apart from classic desktop apps. This is a rare event where AutoSave does not perform as advertised, but it can have a significant impact on your work when it does. There are ways to get your work back and there are safeguards to prevent this from happening, as we saw above. We hope your work has not been lost.

Google Docs is not the only word processor on the market. Microsoft Word is another trusted name, and unlike Docs, it works both online and offline. Microsoft offers desktop versions of all of its popular apps that deliver the same great experience you expect from the Office suite of apps.


ICloud and Google Docs pages offer word processing capabilities right from the comfort of your web browser. But which one is the most practical? Let’s find out.

Last updated Sep 16, 2020

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