6 tricks to save battery life on the Apple Watch and make it more efficient

6 tricks to save battery life on the Apple Watch and make it more efficient

We tell you six tips for save battery on Apple Watch. If you are the owner of one of these devices Manzana, surely you are interested in reading this article.

How to save battery on the Apple Watch

One of our tutorials for Apple Watch, most awaited by all of you. An article that will help you increase the battery of your watch by making five adjustments that we will explain below.

Normally charging a Apple watch It lasts all day, but if you notice that lately you arrive at the end of the day in a hurry, we recommend that you keep reading. We are going to give you five tips with which you will lengthen the charge of the watch, a little more in time.

Of course, we advise that it is not convenient to apply all five. We recommend that you only deactivate the functions that you don’t really use. But hey, it is up to each one to execute one, two … tips that it deems appropriate.

How to save battery on Apple Watch:

In the following video we explain each of the five tips. Below we explain some more that applies to the new Apple Watch series 6 and the routes that you must follow to activate or deactivate them:

Turn off heart rate and / or sports tracking:

  • Access the Watch app of the iPhone and click on Privacy. From there you can deactivate both heart rate and sports tracking.

This will prevent our watch from constantly measuring our heart rate and analyzing our movements.

Disable ambient noise measurement:

  • From the Apple Watch, go to Settings / Noise / Measurements of ambient sound and deactivate the option «Measurement of sounds».

This will prevent the watch from constantly analyzing the decibels where we are.

Set the screen brightness to minimum:

  • On the watch, access Settings / Display and Brightness and select the lowest brightness that can be configured.

In this way we will prevent the screen of our Apple watch is emitting more light and, with this, we will save on battery consumption.

Disable background updates on Apple Watch:

  • From the Apple Watch we go to Settings / General / Update in the background and deactivate it.

We already talked about why it is a function that is quite expendable and that saves a lot of battery. If you are interested in the subject, we encourage you to read our article in which we tell you how the background updates of Apple devices.

Disable always-on screen on Apple Watch Series 5 and above:

  • If you have an Apple Watch Series 5, go to Settings / Display and brightness / Always on and deactivate the “Always on” option.

In the following article we explain the battery saving that occurs in the Apple Watch Series 5 when turning off the always-on display.

Turn off background oximeter readings on Apple Watch Series 6 and above:

  • If you have a Series 6 with this unique feature, you can disable background blood oxygen readings by accessing Settings / Blood oxygen / and disable sleep and cinema modes.

This will save battery consumption.

Applying these six settings, you will gain a lot of autonomy on the watch.

As we have said, the Apple watch It is a device that offers a lot of information about our health, exercise … and it is not convenient to deactivate all the functions that we are commenting on. If you want, you can do it, but we recommend you do it little by little until you find a balance between battery saving and the functionality of your devices.

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