6 Best USB-C Card Readers For Apple MacBook Users

6 Best USB-C Card Readers For Apple MacBook Users

Apple’s MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs are popular among creatives for good reason. You can edit videos, photos and other post-processing work without breaking a sweat. However, you will feel the pinch when you want to connect accessories to MacBooks. They have no slot to insert an Ethernet cable, SD cards or HDMI cable. What if you want to connect a memory card and transfer photos? That is why we have compiled a list of reliable USB-C card readers that allow you to transfer files and photos.

Best USB C card readers for Mac

The best part about most USB-C card readers designed for MacBooks is that they are slim and sleek. All you have to do is insert the card into the adapter or reader and connect it to your MacBook.

Second, the small and compact construction means that they are easily portable. And guess what, some even let you do more than just read the contents of an SD card.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of the best USB-C card readers that Apple MacBook users can buy.

1. Apple USB-C to SD card reader

  • UHS bus speed: UHS-II
  • Compatible with: SD / SDHC / SDXC cards

Apple USB-C to SD Card Reader

Apple USB-C to SD Card Reader

If you want to buy a reader made by Apple, the official USB-C to SD card reader is a decent choice. Like most Apple products, this one also comes with a slightly steep price tag. However, it supports UHS-II mode. Thus, it can read and transfer data to and from UHS-II cards.

It should be noted that UHS-II cards have read / write speeds of up to 156 Mbps, and combined with USB-C speeds, you will be able to achieve the maximum transfer speed of this device.

It’s a simple card reader with one slot. With the wire connecting the main unit to the USB-C connector, you can rest assured that the adjacent ports on your MacBook won’t get stuck or blocked.

Besides MacBook Pro laptops, this card reader is also compatible with certain models of iPad (including iPad Air), iMac and Mac mini. For the full list, you can refer to the official product list by Apple.

2. SanDisk Extreme PRO

  • UHS bus speed: UHS-II
  • Compatible with: SD / SDHC / SDXC cards

SanDisk Extreme PRO

SanDisk Extreme PRO

SanDisk, a popular manufacturer of memory cards and card readers, has a decent SD card reader for Mac. It works best if you have UHS-II compatible SD cards. Like its counterpart above, it has a single large slot for SD cards and delivers the advertised speed. It has a rather unique look with a flat end, which makes it easier to grip the device.

The integrated card reader is solid. The cable from the card reader to the USB-C connector is sturdy, and provided you take care of its handling, this card reader should last you a long time. In addition, the long and flexible neck ensures that the other USB-C port on your MacBook remains free to use.

Apart from that, it is covered by a 2 year (limited) warranty. So far, it has managed to garner good user reviews with users vouching for its speed and performance. Out of the 145 reviews, it has an average rating of 4.3 stars.

3. Hicober USB-C to SD card reader

  • UHS bus speed: UHS-II
  • Compatible with: SD / SDHC / SDXC / Micro SD / Micro SDXC cards

Hicober USB-C to SD card reader

Hicober USB-C to SD card reader

If you need more than just an SD card reader, you should take a look at the one from Hicober. It houses an SD card reader, a Micro SD card reader and a USB-A port. The two card readers will allow you to connect UHS-I and USH-II SD cards and Micro SD cards, unlike the two above. It’s a simple device and you just need to connect the adapter to your Mac to get it working.

It comes in an aluminum case and its space gray color complements your MacBook. Although it is well done, you will be able to use it without any problem.

It has a USB 3.0 USB-C connector and has a USB-A port for connecting USB keys and hard drives. That said, the speeds might not be amazing since the card reader sits in the middle of the transfer chain. That said, you can get the most out of UHS-II speeds (156 Mbps each way) with compatible cards.

Several users praised it for its no-frills design and usability. It costs less than $ 15, which is well worth it.

4. Uni Store SD card reader

  • UHS Speed ​​Class: UHS-I
  • Compatible with: SD / SDHC / SDXC / MicroSD / MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC cards

Uni Store SD card reader

Uni Store SD card reader

Uni Store’s SD card reader is a simple device and does not support UHS-II speeds. You should only buy it if you have a lot of UHS-I cards lying around and you don’t plan on upgrading to UHS-II cards. It has a slot for SD cards and Micro SD cards. It gives you constant UHS-I speeds.

It has a solid construction and the cable connecting the body and the USB-C connector is solid and well made. In fact, the small wire is braised, which ensures that the cable remains protected from regular wear and tear. And that’s not the end of the story. The USB plug has small raised textures to help you better grip it when unplugging. If you ask me, it’s these little details that make a product stand out from the rest.

Several users praise it for the consistent UHS-I speeds on Amazon and have over 80% 5-star ratings. Among them, more than 80% of the reviews are reliable and trustworthy.

Being in the affordable price bracket, it packs the best features for the price.

5. Cable Matters Dual Slot USB-C Card Reader

  • UHS bus speed: UHS-I
  • Compatible with SD / SDHC / SDXC / Micro SD cards

Cable Matters Dual Slot USB-C Card Reader

Cable Matters Dual Slot USB-C Card Reader

Cable Matters provides an inexpensive UHS-I card reader for MacBook users. It has a small footprint and measures a mere 4.19 x 1.92 x 0.41 inches. The card reader has two slots for SD cards and Micro SD cards. Also, it can handle simultaneous connections well. When it comes to performance, it can go hand in hand with its UHS-I counterparts above.

The minimal footprint also makes it easier to use on Android phones (with OTG). Since it is not heavy, you will be able to continue your work seamlessly.

It is very popular on Amazon mainly because of its price / performance ratio. So far, it has seen over a thousand reviews where users appreciate its durability and ease of use.

It has an average rating of 4.3 stars and Fakespot believes that most user reviews can be trusted.

6. MOKiN Store USB-C Hub

  • UHS bus speed: UHS-I
  • Compatible with SD / SDHC / SDXC cards

MOKiN Store USB-C Hub

MOKiN Store USB-C Hub

MoKiN Store’s USB-C hub brings you some additional features in addition to an SD card reader. On the one hand, you can expand your MacBook’s display to a 4K display. Second, you get two additional USB 3.0 ports for transferring content to and from a USB-A drive. More importantly, it has two dedicated slots for UHS-I speeds supporting SD and Micro SD cards.

Whether it is to transfer your photos and videos from your camera or your phone, this adapter will be able to do everything seamlessly. Obviously, this will take its time since it is a UHS-I reader. If you need to know, UHS-I cards go up to 104 Mbps. On the upside, performance is constant and does not drop.

Other than that, this is a USB 3.0 device, and you will see comparatively lower speed when using the USB-A ports.

Moving on, this adapter is compact and suitable for travel, and its sleek look complements the design of Macs.

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So which of these readers will you buy?


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