6 best reasons to buy an Apple Pencil for iPad

6 best reasons to buy an Apple Pencil for iPad

Wondering how to get an Apple Pencil for the iPad? Apple’s premium stylus often makes it seem like it’s only suitable for designers and students. But in reality, that’s hardly the case since Apple Pencil does so much more than let you sketch pictures or take notes.

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Rather than reiterating the artistic and academic benefits of having an Apple Pencil, let’s take a look at six more solid reasons why you should buy one.

1. Use Scribble

When it comes to typing, you have to either put down the Apple Pencil or use it to peck the onscreen keyboard. It slows you down and is not a good experience.

But starting with iPadOS 14, you get Scribble, an awesome feature that lets you write in text fields, whether it’s universal search, Safari’s address bar, or web forms. Scribble automatically detects and converts your handwriting into real text.

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 1

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 1

To make things even better, Scribble comes with its own set of unique gestures. If you make a mistake, for example, you can scrape the converted words to remove them. Want to replace a word or phrase instead? Circle it and start writing again.

2. Navigate in Safari

With the introduction of iPadOS in 2019, Apple changed Safari to work just like its Mac counterpart. In other words, Safari on the iPad shows desktop versions of websites by default.

This makes a lot of sense considering the larger screen sizes. But it also brings other problems. Unless you’re using a trackpad or mouse (or a Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro), navigation and interaction can often be bumped up or missed on sites with tiny elements.

Apple Pencil fixes this problem quickly. Since desktop sites are designed with a mouse cursor in mind, Apple Pencil’s tiny touchscreen helps you manage them like a champ.

3. Select Handwriting

For a while, the Notes app allowed you to search your writing using intelligent OCR detection algorithms. But that was about it. However, if iPadOS 14 is installed on your iPad, you will be in for a treat.

The Notes app in iPadOS 14 comes with perfect handwriting detection capabilities. You can easily select handwritten text as you would any typed text, then copy and paste it elsewhere.

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 2

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 2

Pasting your handwriting into other apps also automatically converts it to typed text.

4. Make annotations

An Apple Pencil makes annotating anything you watch a snap. Just swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen, and your iPad will seamlessly capture a screenshot. It will also take you to the screenshot editing screen, where you can then use a host of annotation tools to get the job done quickly.

Point: If you’re using an iPad with iPadOS 14 installed, you can also choose to reduce the opacity of screenshots, making it easier to see your annotations against noisy backgrounds.

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Besides screenshots, your Apple Pencil also makes it easy to annotate PDF files. You don’t even need a third-party app because the native iPad preview functionality (accessible through the Files app) is all you need. Just tap to open the PDF and start making your annotations.

5. Draw shapes

Are you horrible at drawing shapes? If so, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. As long as you are using iPadOS 14, there is a simple trick to easily create precise shapes (lines, squares, pentagons, etc.) in the Notes app.

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 3

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 3

Suppose you want to draw a perfect circle: do your best, but hold your Apple Pencil at the end. The Notes app will automatically detect the shape and adjust it for you.

6. Remote desktop

If you’re using a remote desktop client (such as Chrome Remote Desktop) to access your PC or Mac from your iPad, you should already know how difficult it is to interact with those little desktop items with your. finger.

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 4

Buy the Apple Pencil Reasons 4

This is where an Apple Pencil can come to your rescue. It will be much easier to operate your computer remotely, as Apple’s stylus can interact with the smallest elements of the Windows or macOS user interface.

Get one?

An Apple Pencil should make for a much better and faster experience when interacting with your iPad in general. With iPadOS 14’s improvements to the Notes app, serious note-takers also have even more reason to buy one.

Obviously, the first and second generation Apple pencils are quite expensive. But if you want to boost your productivity by even a tiny margin, grabbing an Apple Pencil would be worth the long-term investment.


If you’re buying an Apple Pencil, you might want to keep an eye on its battery level. Here are three ways to do it.

Last updated Oct 1, 2020

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