6 best monitor arms with laptop tray

Working hunched over at your laptop is never a good idea. We recommend that you get a laptop stand if you plan to work with the laptop for hours. But if you have an external monitor hooked up, the different heights of the two screens can be a bit annoying. And that’s when monitor arms with laptop trays come into the picture. These nifty gadgets elevate the level of your laptop and monitor and let you assume a better ergonomic posture.

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Along with better ergonomics, the monitor arms also help save valuable desk space. And you can use this space to keep your other gadgets like speakers, phone mounts, tablets, among others.

So if you’re in the market looking for quality monitor arms with laptop stands or trays, we’ve put together a little list of the best. Let’s take a look. Check them before that,

1. Viozon monitor and laptop stand

  • Maximum weight: Up to 19.8 lb / arm
  • In shape: Displays up to 32 inches

Viozon monitor and laptop stand

Viozon monitor and laptop stand

The first monitor arm on our list is Viozon’s. This dual-monitor arm allows you to connect a monitor on one arm and a laptop on the other. It offers a range of motion and you can swivel and rotate the monitors and your laptop to suit your sitting position. The monitor should have VESA compatible holes on the back. Fortunately, the laptop plate gives you more freedom. There is a clip at the edge of the plate that you can adjust to fit the width of your laptop. At the same time, the plate has an open design to allow better air circulation.

In addition, this monitor arm has a cable management system to keep the HDMI cable and power cable in place. Thanks to its premium appearance and range of motion, this arm has earned its fair share of good reviews.

The good thing is that you can even clip it to the edge of your standing desk and adjust the reading position as per your convenience. Plus, this stand is easy to assemble and install.

2. Wali Single LCD Monitor Desktop Stand

  • Maximum weight: Up to 22 lbs / arm
  • In shape: Laptops up to 17 inches and monitors up to 27 inches

Wali Single LCD Monitor Desk Stand

Wali Single LCD Monitor Desk Stand

The second monitor arm on our list is Wali’s, and it’s one of the cheapest arms. The monitor arm is compatible with Vesa-compatible monitors and the laptop tray is large enough to accommodate 17-inch laptops. There is a full size stand on the front to hold the laptop in position while the holes on the tray allow heat dissipation. The monitor arm adjusts smoothly and allows for 90-degree tilt, while the laptop tray allows 15-degree tilt.

This flexibility allows you to adjust the display and height to your liking. And like most arms, you can also rotate the monitor in portrait mode. Since this is an affordable monitor arm, you won’t find many cable management clips typically associated with some high-end monitor arms. There is a single clip to route the cable to the monitor.

If you need more than that, you can easily take care of it with some cable ties and zip ties. It has a C-clamp and a 4 inch diameter eyelet base to lock the base of the arm.

The Wali monitor arm is well made and has a solid construction. Plus, the installation instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.

It’s pretty popular on Amazon. Out of over 400 user reviews it got an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Best wali2 monitor arms with laptop tray

Best wali2 monitor arms with laptop tray

Users love it for its design and value for money proposition. Fakespot estimates that around 70.0% of reviews are reliable and trustworthy.

The only trade-off is the flexibility of the laptop tray.

3. VIVO Black Laptop and Monitor Desk Stand (STAND-V002C)

  • Maximum weight: Up to 22 lbs / arm
  • In shape: Laptops up to 32 inches and monitors up to 17 inches

VIVO Black Laptop and Monitor Desk Stand (STAND-V002C)

VIVO Black Laptop and Monitor Desk Stand (STAND-V002C)

If you have a slightly smaller monitor and a laptop, you can check out VIVO Black’s support. This one has almost the same swivel and rotation angles as the one above. You can choose to use the included clamp to secure it to your table or, you can opt for the eyelet stand if you are looking for a permanent installation. The good thing is that it incorporates cable management clips and brackets to route HDMI cables and power cables to your monitor and laptop.

VIVO is known for its sturdy office equipment such as standing desk convertibles, and this monitor stand is no different. It is sturdy and once properly installed you won’t find any wobbles or jerks. In addition, you can adjust the tension of the arms to fix the tilt angle

Best vivi 2 monitor arms with laptop tray

Best vivi 2 monitor arms with laptop tray

Overall, it’s a solid monitor arm and helps your case, especially if you have a small desk or setup. Installation is painless and done quickly.

4.AVLT laptop and monitor stand

  • Maximum weight: Up to 17.6 lb / arm
  • In shape: Laptops up to 15.6 inches and monitors up to 32 inches

AVLT Laptop and Monitor Holder

AVLT Laptop and Monitor Holder

The AVLT Laptop and Monitor Stand is for you if you’re looking for a high-end futuristic looking stand that brings a ton of flexibility. It combines mechanical springs to facilitate height adjustments. As stated earlier, the monitor arm can hold 32 inch monitors and extend, tilt, swivel and even swivel 360 degrees. More importantly, the arms can retract if you want to keep some distance between the screens and yourself.

Interestingly, this stand does away with the classic laptop tray. Instead, it contains a sturdy laptop tray and comes with non-slip silicone pads and laptop retention clips. The arms look great and allow you to route power and HDMI cables through the arms, reducing the clutter of cables outside.

Unlike the other brackets here, this one uses a slightly different mounting mechanism. The advantage of having it is that it can be fixed from above and there is no need to crawl under the desk.

Best AVLT 2 Monitor Arms with Laptop Tray

Best AVLT 2 Monitor Arms with Laptop Tray

It has attracted its fair share of user reviews, with many appreciating it for its easy assembly, durability and flexibility. On the one hand, it allows monitors to be tilted and rotated ± 90 degrees while providing screen rotation up to ± 180 degrees.

5. Ergotron LX desktop monitor arm

  • Maximum weight: Up to 25 pounds
  • In shape: Screens up to 34 inches

Ergotron LX desktop monitor arm

Ergotron LX desktop monitor arm

The Ergotron LX is a premium monitor arm that can hold both monitors and laptops. However, unlike those mentioned above, this is a single arm stand. If you are ready, let me tell you that this aluminum monitor stand has a stylish appearance that will enhance the look of your desktop. And it does not stop there. It allows you to pan and rotate your screen 360 degrees and hold laptops up to 25 pounds. You can choose from two variations: 8 inch and 13 inch.

In addition, the arm has a channel for cable management. All you have to do is place your cables inside and close the cover. This is an all-metal arm. This therefore brings its share of weight to the table. On the bright side, it is durable and will last you a long time.

This monitor stand has garnered several excellent reviews from its user base. It has over 2,500 user reviews and garnered an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. If we rely on Fakespot’s estimates, almost 66% of these reviews can be trusted.

Laptops will need to purchase the laptop tray sold separately by Ergotron.

6. Jarvis dual monitor arm

  • Maximum weight: Up to 19.8 lb / arm
  • In shape: Laptops up to 17 inches and monitors up to 32 inches

Jarvis dual monitor arm

Jarvis dual monitor arm

Yes, just like Tony Stark’s sleek artificial intelligence system, these Jarvis monitor arms are just as sleek and sophisticated. The two arms are independent of each other and allow you to swivel and turn or adjust their height to suit your sitting or standing position. Most importantly, you can pull the screens towards you or push them back. The arms are sleek and the integrated cable management is the icing on the cake.

It comes in three colors and the Silver option looks radiant. Obviously, you will have to shell out a bit more money than the ones above. But rest assured that you will get its due. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Jarvis Dual Monitor arm is designed for monitors by default. However, VESA compatibility means you can clip a laptop tray to it and get started. You will not lose any functionality.

If you are looking for a unique laptop arm, you can check out the Jarvis Laptop Arm. This one has the same look and functionality as the one above. The only difference is that it is designed for a single screen.

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Today’s monitors are slowly adapting to a wide screen, and to counteract balance and weight, the stand is usually widened. And it goes without saying that a large stand means a considerable amount of space on your desk is wasted. You can use the space on your desk to keep your favorite phone, speakers or action figures.

A monitor arm not only helps you get there, but it also contributes to better ergonomics. Remember to check your laptop and monitor weight and size before hitting the buy button.


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Last updated August 25, 2020

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