6 best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

6 best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Without a doubt, silicon bands do not represent the “business look” with metal bands or leather bands. They can be used for occasional events or when you are doing physical activities. Whether it’s an analog watch or a smartwatch, metal bracelets look professional and are perfect for meetings or any formal event, and the same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Top best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

There are a dozen metal bands out there, all thanks to the boom in third-party bands. These bands not only look upscale but are also durable and comfortable for long term wear.

The best part is that over the years Samsung has managed to keep the same lug sizes for its Galaxy watches, and it is no different for the new Galaxy Watch 3. The 41mm variant and the 45mm variant use typical bracelet sizes 22mm or 20mm. , respectively.

Read on to learn about some of the best metal bands you can buy for your Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch. But before that,

1. Fintie Stainless Steel Metal Replacement Band

Fintie Stainless Steel Metal Replacement Band

Fintie Stainless Steel Metal Replacement Band

With its eye-catching combination of silver and black metal, the Fintie stainless steel is suitable for the black and silver variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It looks stylish and reliable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the group disappearing halfway through your meetings.

It comes with spring bars, which are fairly straightforward to repair. All you have to do is pull the bar spring slightly, place the band in the tab and release it. Simple, see.

And that’s not all. Fintie even provides a link removal tool, which (you guessed it right!) Helps you remove links if the bracelet is large for your wrist. Note that using the link removal tool requires finesse and can be a bit difficult for new users.

Other than that, it’s comfortable to wear. The band does not sink into your skin and does not get caught in clothing. In addition, the standard watch-shaped buckle makes it easy to take off / on.

Best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Fintie 2

Best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Fintie 2

The Fintie stainless steel metal bracelet is comfortable to wear. However, it is designed for occasional wear and is not the one you would use for long term use or regular use as the color tends to fade in the long term.

2. Joyozy D-Link Bands for Galaxy Watch

D-Link Joyozy Bands for Galaxy Watch

D-Link Joyozy Bands for Galaxy Watch

If you’re looking to add a little feminine touch to your Galaxy Watch 3, the Joyozy D-Link Band is the one you should take a look at. This is a simple bracelet with D-links that adds both class and elegance to your smartwatch. They are available in several cool colors that will coordinate well with the original color of your watch. For example, rose gold will complement the Mystic Gold variant.

It’s comfortable to wear and sufficient ventilation means you’ll have minimal sweat trapped inside the bracelet.

Thanks to its aesthetic design and, more importantly, its level of comfort, this band has received a fair number of positive reviews on Amazon.

Best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Joyozy D Link 2

Best metal bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Joyozy D Link 2

It is available in several colors and the black stripe is quite radiant. This strap is only suitable for the 41mm Galaxy Watch variant.

3. Berfine quick release watch strap

Berfine Quick Release Watch Strap

Berfine Quick Release Watch Strap

Conventional watch straps always seem like business, and the Berfine watch strap is no different. It is neither too heavy nor too light, which makes it comfortable to wear even for long durations. And the watch-shaped clasp is the icing on the cake. The material is durable and can take its share of abuse.

The material is also resistant to scratches and scuffs. Of course, you will also have to do your part. Most importantly, the color stays on. Several Amazon users supported him.

Out of over 500 reviews on Amazon, it has averaged 4.4 out of 5 stars. Fakespot estimates that around 80% of user reviews are trustworthy and reliable.

It is available in the two sizes 20mm and 22mm, therefore suitable for 41mm and 45mm variants. Note that the link removal tool takes a bit of getting used to. If this is your first time using it, you may find the instructions small and unreadable. Fortunately, you can easily access it online.

4. Fullmosa quick release watch strap

Fullmosa Quick Release Watch Strap

Fullmosa Quick Release Watch Strap

Another set of bands that looks a lot like the above is Fullmosa’s. These feature intertwined metallic ties that give off a professional vibe. The belt looks great and is super comfortable to wear at the same time, thanks to its lightweight nature.

Fullmosa Quick Release watch bands are very popular on Amazon and so far they have seen over 4,500 user reviews on Amazon. The best thing is that they come in different sizes, which makes them ideal for multiple types of watches, analog and smart.

However, note that the colored variant tends to lose color over time, especially if you wear it daily.

5.Koreda compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch

Koreda Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch

Koreda Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch

Another metal band that pairs wonderfully with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the Koreda band. The stainless steel mesh gives an almost fabric look and the best thing is that it is just as soft and flexible. Thanks to the ventilation of the mesh, you don’t have to worry about sweat accumulating under the strap. Most importantly, the magnetic strap means you don’t have to worry about the fit. All you have to do is tighten the strap against your wrist and close it.

It’s nice and good looking, and the softness of the strap adds to the comfort quotient.

Metal mesh bracelets walk the fine line between casual and formal, giving you the benefit of wearing your smartwatch on either occasion. It’s neither too flashy and that’s a huge plus.

The Koreda bracelet is available in 20mm and 22mm sizes and is compatible with both variants of the Galaxy Watch. It has earned its fair share of reviews on Amazon, and according to Fakespot’s estimates, around 80% of them are quality reviews.

6. TRUMiRR stainless steel watch band

TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Watch Band

TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Watch Band

If you want to turn your smartwatch into a beautiful fashion accessory, you can’t go wrong with the TRUMiRR stainless steel bracelet. This one has two-tone tones. While the links around the edges have a metallic look, the middle ones have a resin-like texture, which adds to the look of the bracelet.

On top of that, you will find a reliable watch-like bracelet. It is comfortable to wear and you can remove the ties at home to adjust the length according to your wrist width.

TRUMiRR straps are 22mm wide and will fit larger variations of Galaxy watches.

Shine on

So here are some of the best metal bands you can get for your new Galaxy Watch 3 at an affordable price. Remember to check the size and length of the bracelet before clicking the buy button.

If you like to stay active, metal bands may not be a good investment. In such a case, you can opt for a durable nylon band like the Fintie nylon bands.


Did you know that you can add offline music tracks to your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? Click on the link below to see how to add and remove music on Galaxy Watch 3.

Last updated Sep 7, 2020

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