6 best alternatives to the Amazon Kindle app

6 best alternatives to the Amazon Kindle app

Over the years, e-readers and e-books have redefined the way we read books. And the Amazon Kindle app is one of the most popular apps. After changing in 2017, this app came to include many new features including a new chic interface. However, it is not the only reading app on the market. If you are not satisfied with the Amazon Kindle app, there are many alternatives.

So if you’re looking for a way to switch from the Kindle app, here are some ebook apps that you should definitely try. And most of them are compatible with iOS and Android. Cool, right?

1. Google Play Books (Android only)

The first application on our list is Google Play Books, and as you can imagine, this application is also a treat for all bibliophiles.

There are a horde of features that will slowly delight their way to the heart. I particularly liked the offline and online dictionary option. As long as you have a working Internet connection, you need to tap on a word and you will see its meaning appear. At the same time, you can still download an offline version of the dictionary, just for backup.

There is more to this story. The reading mode is activated by default. Besides the above, you can switch between different themes, synchronize books on different devices, and also activate PDF reading.

If you enjoy listening to audio books, there is also a separate section.

Play Books now authorizes PDF and EPUB files, in addition to supporting basic image files for book covers.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is a popular name in the e-book world, and over the years it has gained a good reputation mainly because of its simple appearance and functionality. You will love the fact that this app can also become a bookstore and comes with its own free and paid books.

At the same time, the interface is clean and clutter-free. Once you have purchased a book, it will line up perfectly in the book holder. To access it, simply swipe the left menu and tap Books. Likewise, press the Get Books button at the top and you will be transported to a virtual bookstore.

It brings together basic functionalities such as translation, definition, search, bookmarks, etc. A simple press is enough for all these options to be visible.

Aldiko uses Google search (see How to Delete Google Search History Anywhere) to show you the meaning of the words. You must therefore be connected to the Internet for this. This application supports formats such as EPUB, PDF and Adobe DRM books.

Launch FBReader, and the first thing you’ll notice is the yellowish reading mode. Yes, similar to Google Play Books, this ebook application also activates said mode by default.

It supports all major formats such as EPUB, FB2, MOBI and even common file formats like RTF, HTML, plain text, among others.

However, compared to most of its peers, the interface of FBReader is not impressive. It looks like some of the good old-fashioned Android apps. However, do not let that dissuade you from trying this application.

One of the main features of FBReader is its huge open network of eBooks. Yes, you read that right. It allows you to access network libraries and discover great public domain content in the process.

And yes, you can also store all of your books on Google Drive.

4. Kobo Book Reader

The Kobo book reader balances both appearance and functionality. The interface is clean and clutter-free. The text is easy to read, and the best thing is that there are many customization options.

In addition to basic options such as changing the screen brightness or text size, the Kobo Book Reader also allows you to choose the page transition effect and the navigation method.

And yes, there are many books, both paid and free, that you can easily download and read. And the built-in dictionary is the icing on the cake.

This cool Kindle alternative also offers more than 5 million titles.

5. Marvin 3 (iOS only)

Marvin for iOS combines several features. On the one hand, you can import books from Dropbox, iTunes, iCloud and even from the Caliber server.

At the same time, there are many customization options and dictionary tools. Like any modern application, it allows you to sort your collection in a view of your choice. So if you don’t want the home page to look like a gallery, you can opt for the List view.

6. KyBook 3 (iOS only)

Finally, we have KyBook 3. Besides local storage, this Kindle alternative allows you to import your collection from iCloud Drive.

One of its cool features is that you can also browse and download public domain content from the Gutenberg project. Cool, right?

And that’s not all. The process is simple. Search for the book, and if you’re satisfied with the basics, you should hit the download option.

KyBook 3 contains many customization options. Swipe up on the screen and you’ll see them all. I liked the elegant page transitions and the clean, modern feel of the app.

Be the bookworm

It’s already 2020. The thin reading lights have replaced the thick and heavy books. Now you can put these devices in your bag and you will be sorted. And the best thing is that eBook applications do some of the best e-reader functionality wonderfully. It’s light and super useful. Additionally, it reproduces the actual book on your mobile device minus the weight.

So which of these apps will you use?


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Last updated April 4, 2020


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