5 RUNNER GAMES with which you will have lots of fun

5 RUNNER GAMES with which you will have lots of fun

Compilation of Runner games with which to spend great times. 100% guaranteed fun.

Runner games for iPhone

Five are the games for iphone that we bring you today. Five adventures in which you will have to hold on to the sofa or wherever you are sitting, given the speed at which you will have to play.

The reason for choosing these five games has been based on the ratings and reviews of the App Store. All of them have been played by thousands and thousands of users and the average rating of all of them exceeds 4 stars. Good reason to recommend them, right?

If you don’t know what games are runner, tell you that they are those games in which you start running with your character and you must avoid obstacles, jumping, dodging, sliding…. Of course, we warn that they are very, very addictive.

5 Runner games for iPhone and iPad:

Geometry Dash [2,29 € / versión LITE]:

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

For us it is the most addictive game ever. There is no game that suffers more and has a better soundtrack than Geometry Dash. If you’ve never played it, download it and play it. Complicated, electrifying, addictive, wonderful music … IT HAS IT ALL.

Download paid Geometry Dash

Download Geometry Dash free version

Chameleon run [2,29 €]:

Chameleon Run

Chameleon run

Another adventure runner with more downloads of the App Store. Fast game with very good graphics and music that you will not stop playing. A chromatic race in which, in addition to running, jumping …, you must be very attentive to the colors that you find.

Download Chameleon Run

Mr jump [Gratis]:

Mr Jump

Mr jump

Funny no, the following. It may have been the game runner to which, personally, I have been hooked the most. You start playing it and it is impossible to stop. A game that challenges your skills and reflexes. Do you dare to download it?

People who play it complain about the large amount of ad. Follow this trick to remove advertising and play quietly.

Download Mr Jump

Subway Surfers [Gratis]:

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

It’s one of the most downloaded games of the past decade. Undoubtedly a powerful and addictive game that will help you overcome those moments of boredom that plague us all from time to time in our day to day life.

Download Subway Surfers

Temple Run 2 [Gratis]:

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Sequel to one of the runners most successful in history. Undoubtedly a second part that surpasses in graphics, controls, addiction … to the first version of this exciting game.

Download Temple Run 2

Surely you will know one that you like more than the ones we have chosen. For tastes, as the saying goes, colors. But we guarantee that these are possibly all five runner most played on the planet.

Have you downloaded them yet?


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