5 puzzle games for iPhone that we recommend you play

5 puzzle games for iPhone that we recommend you play

Fantastic 5 puzzle games for lovers of this type of apps. They are indispensable.

TOP puzzle games for iPhone

We each have our category of games favorite in the App Store, There’s no doubt. I confess myself a lover of puzzle games and today I bring you a list of them that you should not miss. For me, one of the best for iPhone Y iPad.

It is true that there are hundreds, thousands … of this type of game in the store Applications from Manzana, but I wanted to make a compilation in which to name the last 5 that have had me hooked the most to the screen of my device iOS.

Games that have been very well received by users and have very good reviews. In addition, many of them have been awarded and recommended, by Manzana, on the App Store and have obtained reviews on our website.

Puzzle games for iPhone and iPad that we advise you to download:

It is true that many of them are paid but if you are puzzle lovers, you cannot stop buying them because they will entertain you a lot.

Threes! [6,99 €]:

A mathematical game in which we must combine numbers to generate larger ones. A priori it seems easy but as we are generating larger numbers, things get quite complicated. A game in which the calculation strategy predominates and that will make you exercise your mind daily.

Download Threes!

“Klocki” [1,09 €]:


Game «klocki»

Connect the different types of lines and create the circuits that allow you to go to the next phase. Help yourself with your ingenuity and the different elements that will appear in each of the levels, to generate this type of electrical circuit.

Download «klocki»

Prune [4,49 €]:


Puzzle Game Prune

Spectacular game in which we will have to prune trees that do not stop growing, to guide it through different obstacles. Stunning Japanese watercolor-style graphics and a relaxing soundtrack. We recommend playing it with headphones on.

Download Prune

Shadowmatic [4,49 €]:

Shadowmatic game, one of the best puzzle games

Shadowmatic game, one of the best puzzle games

What to say about this award-winning and highly recommended game. An abstract object will appear with which, through its manipulation, we will have to achieve the shadow of a figure, animal, object…. Very addictive and very well done. In addition, we have it selected in the compilation of shadow games for iPhone.

Download Shadowmatic

Bejeweled stars [Gratis]:

Bejeweled Stars

Bejeweled Stars game

Combine jewels without stopping, to overcome each and every one of the levels that cross our path. Take on daily challenges, win prizes, collect emojis… A fantastic and hilarious game that we encourage you to download.

Download Bejeweled Stars

Without further ado, we wish you a great day and if you found this article interesting, share it on your favorite social networks and messaging applications. We would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.



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