5 paid apps that are now FREE for a limited time

5 paid apps that are now FREE for a limited time

These are the 5 best apps on offer that we have found in the App Store. Free apps that we recommend you download before they are paid again… RUN !!!.

Free apps for a limited time

We release 2021 with one of the most anticipated articles of the week. The best free apps for a limited time currently available in the App Store.

Five apps that have no waste and that we encourage you to download as soon as possible. Once you do, even if they become paid in the future, you can download them at no cost when you need or want them.

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Free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad:

These offers that we expose below, are available just at the time of publishing the article. Specifically the 18: 41h. (Spain) of the day January 1, 2021.

Twinkling Video Editor & Maker [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Video editor for iOS

Video editor for iOS

Is it easy to create a movie-like scene from your phone? Of course! With powerful editing functions provided by the video editor Twinkling, you could be a main character in any action movie of Hollywood soon.

Download Twinkling

Cashflows [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Captures Cashflows

Cashflows captures

Cashflows it helps us forecast the future balances of our bank accounts. It’s easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance effort. Add info about your recurring transactions (including transfers between accounts) and future one-time transactions, and let him calculate your account balances months (or years) in the future.

Download Cashflows

Match Attack! [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Puzzle game

Puzzle game

Make combinations quickly as the board fills up and climbs to the top. The game starts out slow but accelerates quickly as bombs, anchors are dropped….

Download Match Attack!

FishAway – Fish Watch Game [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Game for Apple Watch

Suit for Apple Watch

Would you like to have a fun little fish game in your Apple watch? If so, download FishAway and enjoy it on your Apple watch.

Download FishAway

PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF ​​Editor [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Screenshots from PhotoMapper

PhotoMapper screenshots

This app is essential for anyone who wants to keep their photo library organized by locations where the photos were taken. Just add this information with our app and keep your geotagging system in a consistent state.

Download PhotoMapper

Without further ado and wishing you a good day, we wait for you next week with more applications on offer.



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