5 of the best Windows 10 app docks

5 of the best Windows 10 app docks

Windows 10 has added and still adds a variety of features to be more user friendly. However, anyone who has used macOS notices one glaring omission: an app dock. As with most missing items in Windows, there are third-party tools to fix it, including Windows 10 application docking stations. Now you can experience the power of a Mac docking station, while continuing to use Windows.

1. Winstep Nexus (best overall for Windows 10)

It’s hard to beat the power of Winstep Nexus Docking System. First of all, it’s one of the newest available while also offering a completely free version. Many more work with Windows 10 but have not been officially updated to Windows 10. The free version provides a single dock, which can be whatever you want or need. It also functions much like your taskbar by showing running apps.

Best Windows 10 Dock Nexus Dock Apps

However, the premium version costs just $ 17.95 and works extremely well for multitasking or power users. You get multiple docking stations, tabs, and substations, along with plenty of organization and customization options. Overall, both versions work well, as the Windows 10 app connects to give you more of a Mac feel.

2. Circle Dock (the most unique)

Circle Dock doesn’t look exactly like a normal Mac dock, but then again, you’re using Windows, so why should it look the same? As the name suggests, Circle Dock is a circular dock. It hasn’t been officially updated for some time. In fact, the main site lists 2008 as the latest version, but SourceForge has a 2016 version which works best with 64-bit systems. All versions are free.

Best Windows 10 Docks Circle Dock appsBest Windows 10 Docks Circle Dock apps

You can easily hide the dock when you are not using it. Add unlimited items using a sub-level organization system. Just drag and drop icons on it. I had to create shortcuts on my desktop and then drag them to the dock to get some things to work properly. You can use your arrow keys to easily navigate between items.

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3. RocketDock

Despite being incredibly old, RocketDock is still one of the best Windows 10 app docks. While future updates to Windows 10 might cause some issues, for now it’s still working fine. Even the developer lists it as dated. The main problem I had personally was that it didn’t stay above the taskbar, but rather in front or behind. However, it works great as an app dock at the top or sides of your desktop.

Best Windows 10 Docks Rocket Dock appsBest Windows 10 Docks Rocket Dock apps

It’s completely free and works smoothly. Adding elements is easy and the animations work well. Since it’s free, it’s not as powerful as what you’d get from Nexus, but it’s more user-friendly than Circle Dock.

4. ObjectDock

ObjectDock is the only option on this list without a free version. Instead, you get a 30-day free trial. However, it is Nexus’ closest competitor and offers a variety of customization options. You can even create separate docklets to add to your main dock for better organization.

Best Windows 10 App Docks Object DockBest Windows 10 App Docks Object Dock

One thing that really sets it apart is the ability to hide your taskbar, effectively replacing your taskbar with ObjectDock. In addition, all running programs / apps appear in the dock. If you’re looking for a dock to replace the Windows taskbar, the $ 4.99 minimum is definitely worth it. Although the website states that it is compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / 8, it works well on Windows 10 with no issues. It is a cheaper alternative to Nexus if you are looking for a premium feature set.

The lack of a free version and nothing indicating compatibility with Windows 10 are the only reasons it wasn’t my number one.

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5. Aperitif

Best Windows 10 App Docks AppetizerBest Windows 10 App Docks Appetizer

Aperitif is an open source Windows 10 app dock. While it may sound simple, don’t underestimate the usefulness of this dock. It will even automatically import Start menu and taskbar shortcuts during installation if you want.

It offers several skins and plugins to customize. Although it hasn’t been updated since Windows Vista, it still works fine on Windows 10. Plus, it’s available in a portable version if you want to take it with you for use on others. computers. It’s free to use, and it’s also incredibly easy to add and remove shortcuts to anything you want.

If you’re switching to an app dock because Start menu search isn’t working, we’ve got a solution for you. Besides, you can use these awesome Windows screen savers to spice up your desktop even more.

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