5 of the best USB desktop fans for hot summers

5 of the best USB desktop fans for hot summers

When the summer heat gets a bit too much, a desk fan can be a great addition to your office. If you’ve got a spare USB port or two, why not put it to good use and get a USB desktop fan to cool off?

Let’s take a look at the best USB desktop fans you can get.

1. OPOLAR USB desktop fan

The first is the OPOLAR USB desktop fan. If you are looking for raw horsepower, this model is the best you can get. Users often report that they never exceed the “Low” setting of the fan because it is powerful enough at the lowest setting.

Opolar First USB Desktop Fans

Although this is a powerful tool, it is really expensive. This makes it the perfect way to stay cool quickly and inexpensively on the hottest days.

2. iKross USB fan

Another affordable entry on this list, the IKross USB Fan uses a hamster ball shaped design that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees, so no matter where you are sitting, you can get the perfect angle. This makes it one of the best fans for those who want a cheap, highly adjustable angle.

Ikross USB Desktop FansIkross USB Desktop Fans

Although the fan has only two different speeds, it is very quiet and does not distract you from work. At this price, it does a great job of keeping you cool.

3. BESKAR USB Desktop Fan

For something a little more expensive there is the BESKAR USB desktop fan. It also has 360 degree rotation, but it also comes with three speed settings to suit your needs.

Beskar USB desktop fansBeskar USB desktop fans

The BESKAR also has a practical additional feature: an internal battery. You can charge it using a USB cable, then take it with you wherever you go. With the highest speed setting, the BESKAR can last for eight hours of use, making it one of the best for travel.

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Of course, you don’t need to put it on battery – just leave it plugged in and it works like a corded model. However, the ability to unplug it and bring it with you is a big plus.

4. Clip-on fan powered by OPOLAR rechargeable battery

Another entry from OPOLAR, its battery powered clip fan is another model with an internal battery that charges via USB. However, as you saw in the photo, this one has an odd octopus look.

Opolar Second USB Desktop FansOpolar Second USB Desktop Fans

These legs can bend and grab onto different things. For example, you can fold them into a stand shape for use on the desk, then wrap them around a pole for a makeshift static fan wherever you are. This makes the fan one of the best for mounting anywhere.

5. OPOLAR clip-on fan

Finally we have the OPOLAR Clip-On Fan. It works the same as the model above, except the base is a clip instead of octopus legs. The idea behind it is the same; however, it acts as a base on your desk but can clip onto external surfaces when you’re on the go.

Opolar Third USB Desktop FansOpolar Third USB Desktop Fans

Even if you don’t attach it to anything, it’s still a fantastic desktop fan due to its four different speeds and a fast-charging battery. This makes it the perfect fan for someone who loves customization, as you can adjust the speed, angle, and location for the perfect breeze.

When the heat gets too much to handle, a fan is your best friend. Why not put one of those extra USB ports to good use and run a desktop fan powered by your computer? If you’re running out of USB ports, you’ll need a USB hub. Find out the important things to look out for when buying a USB hub.

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