5 magnificent animated wallpapers for your iPhone

5 magnificent animated wallpapers for your iPhone

We bring you 5 animated wallpapers so that you can install them in the iPhone as long as it supports this function. Do not miss them because they are wonderful.

Animated wallpapers

In our channel Telegram we share, weekly, wallpapers animated so you can enjoy it on your devices. We bring you the last 5 that we have shared on said instant messaging platform.

If you have a iPhone compatible with this function, which in general are all except the 2nd generation SE we do not know why it is not, you can easily install the Wallpapers that we are going to link to you below.

You already know that you can create your own custom animated backgrounds, doing the tutorial that we have linked to you in this same line. It is very simple.

Live wallpapers for iPhone:

Below we link you with each of the Videos Wallpapers that we share in Telegram, so that you can download them:

They are videos that you have to download on your reel and then convert them into Live Photo. This image format is what allows us to give movement to the wallpapers on the lock screen of the iPhone.

Once the video is downloaded, you have to do what we told you in the tutorial to turn a video into a Live Photo.

Having already downloaded the video, we will have to perform the steps from the section “The intoLive App transforms videos into Live Photo”.

Once we have transformed the video on Live Photo we only have to set it as wallpaper. To do this we enter our reel, click on the Live Photo created, click on the share button and, from the menu that appears, select the option “Wallpaper”. Then we must activate the option “Live Photo yes” and clicking on “Define” we will have it installed in our terminal.



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