5 FREE apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad

Most downloaded apps of the week. They are sensation in half the world

This is five Applications more prominent payment, which become free for a limited time, ONLY TODAY!!!. Don’t waste time and download them as soon as possible the better.

Paid apps that become FREE

Paid apps that become FREE

This week we bring you, as always, the best free apps for a limited time of the moment. As we always tell you, download them before they become paid.

This week the games and a fantastic application that has tutorials to learn how to tie all kinds of knots. We encourage you to download them all, whether you need them or not, because if you do, you can download them for free, even if they cost money again.

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The best FREE APPS for iPhone and iPad, for a limited time:

We guarantee that the offers are available right at the time of publishing this article. Specifically at 21:57 h. of the day August 7, 2020. After publishing it, the apps can be discontinued at any time.

DEEMO [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Music game for iOSMusic game for iOS

Music game for iOS

Good musical game for iOS which has become a classic. If you haven’t heard of it or have never downloaded it, this is your chance. Deemo is a game that you will surely get hooked on and with which you will have a good time

Download DEEMO

Pirates Outlaws [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Card game for iPhoneCard game for iPhone

Card Game for iPhone

Card game in which we will have to choose a character with a deck already created. From there we will have to direct our expedition to obtain more gold and reputation. We will have to manage the deck and the ammunition to defeat the strategy of our opponents. A fantastic turn-based combat game.

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Download Pirates Outlaws

Interstellar Guardian [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Retro arcade game for iOSRetro arcade game for iOS

Retro arcade game for iOS

Retro game from the 80s, inspired by classics like the well-known ones Defend and Dropzone. You will be able to protect the humanoids from the invading alien hordes. Try it having a good time. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Download Interstellar Guardian

Letter Meadow [5,49 -> GRATIS]:

iOS app for kidsiOS app for kids

IOS app for kids

The applications Wonder bunch help children improve their intelligence and make them feel more confident and calm. Also in an app totally in English that can help them advance in the language of Shakespeare.

Download Letter Meadow

Knots 3D [5,49 -> GRATIS]:

Learn to tie knots with this app for iPhoneLearn to tie knots with this iPhone app

Learn to tie knots with this app for iPhone

Very good app to learn to tie all kinds of knots. The application is completely in Spanish and with its didactic videos, you will learn to make all kinds of knots of different difficulties.

Download Knots 3D

We wait for you next week with new offers.



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