5 best search alternatives for Mac

5 best search alternatives for Mac

Finder has been the default file management system in macOS since the operating system’s debut in 1985. After several years, Apple has improved Finder by leaps and bounds. That said, it fails in several areas for reasons best known to Apple’s software team. You can try a file manager app that has several useful features.

5 best search alternatives

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best macOS Finder alternatives that you can try on your Mac. Of course, you can’t remove Finder. These applications will therefore help you to extend the functionality. Before you start, here are the top three reasons to look beyond Finder.

  • Customization: There’s no way to tweak the Finder menus and glorify the Top Ribbon with easy shortcut buttons. Even the viewing options are quite limited to preview media files only.
  • Bifold view: One of the most requested features to compare files / folders between sections without opening two or more windows.
  • Network storage management: Connecting to remote file servers via AFPS, SMB and FTP / SFTP provides a minimal experience, which is not without its flaws.

The cost of individual file managers can be heavy on your pocket, and free trials may not give you a full experience. To overcome this, you can subscribe to the SetApp Store for $ 9.99 per month to access over 190 macOS apps. And this list includes the various Finder alternatives on this list. So let’s take a look at Finder alternatives for Mac.

Note: All Finder alternatives on this list work on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

1. Path search

Path Finder is the first choice of many power users for features beyond rented dual pane navigation. The Drop Stack feature is quite convenient to select multiple files to move or copy them in one step. So, if you tend to backup different files often, Drop Stack acts as temporary storage to move and copy files and folders. For smarter file management, Path Finder does this by automatically merging the contents of two folders so that there are no duplicates. It uses FolderSync to compare these folders before syncing files. You can add the folder path directly in the path browser section.

Path search

Path search

This file manager comes with a host of file management features like batch renaming, smart sorting, file tagging, file list filters, advanced low level search, deletion secure, keyboard shortcuts, etc. You can also manage various types of file archives directly. The app takes the cake with built-in support for terminal and command line tools and the HEX editor. This means that you can run commands directly from the Path Finder GUI and view the results there. Users can also preview images and edit text directly from the interface, without opening any other application.

The latest version also adds support for modules to tweak and optimize different functions. Path Finder is available as a free 60-day trial, $ 36.

2. Commander One

Commander One is one of the best choices as a free Finder alternative. It launches with two-pane navigation and the interface buttons are customizable. You can use regular expressions (RegEx) to perform an advanced and nuanced search for specific files. It even includes hidden files and folders.

Commander a

Commander a

The unique feature of Commander One is the support for Android and iOS devices to open and transfer files between these devices and Mac. Another thing you might like is the built-in process viewer and controller. Besides the built-in FTP support for connecting to local and remote servers, you can also add support for many cloud storage services.

By default, Commander One comes with a 15-day trial period, and after that, you’ll need to pay $ 30 to purchase it.

3. Forklift 3

ForkLift is yet another dual pane file manager that supports Spotlight search, smart folders for file management, and fast search for media files. The three features make it easy to find, view and manage multiple files. At any time, you can customize its appearance by replacing the top buttons and even its behavior. ForkLift offers an extremely handy feature called multi-renaming to rename files faster than Finder.

Forklift 3

Forklift 3

Even ForkLift supports remote connection to FTP, SFTP, AFS, SMB and others. You can also add your Google Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, and other cloud storage services. Along with this, you can edit remote files and even manage archived files. While copying or moving files, you can set upload or download limits and even reorder transfers.

While you can try ForkLift 3 for free, the PRO license will set you back $ 29.95.

4. Order

If you are happy with features like advanced search, binary / hex file editing, or batch renaming, DCommander should serve you well. It will cover the basic FTP, SFTP and SCP protocols for remote connectivity.

D Order

D Order

Yes, even this app comes with a dual pane interface to view and manage your files. Use keyboard shortcuts to browse and manage your files. You can even open archive files like ZIP, JAR or ODT files to browse them like normal folders.

DCommander comes with a 30-day trial. After that, you will need to purchase the Premium license for $ 29 or get it free with the SetApp subscription.

5. File pane

If you want a little more than Finder, you should try Filepane. You can use the basic drag-and-drop gesture to move through files and even save your favorite locations like Downloads or Documents folder. Although you can edit images, you can edit various files in different formats as well.

File pane

File pane

Whenever you select a file, it quickly detects the file type and shows some quick actions. It’s more like a utility if you don’t want a full-featured file manager. If you like the elegance and elegance of Filepane, you can buy it for $ 6.99 or get it using the SetApp subscription.


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Last updated on August 30, 2020

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