5 best protective cases for the Jabra Elite 75t

5 best protective cases for the Jabra Elite 75t

So why do you want a case for a case? A perfectly valid question. If you are reading this, you should know that even though the charging case of the Jabra Elite 75t is durable, it is prone to scratches and scuffs. And these marks appear earlier if you are a regular user. Whether it comes out of your pockets or your towel – the plastic shell can become easily distressed, especially if you have the golden beige variant.

And these marks become problematic if you want to pass these buds on to someone. After all, you wouldn’t want them to end up in a distressed case, even if these headphones deliver quality sound, right?

Therefore, it is best to cover the case with a quality protective case to keep them in perfect condition. Not only will the charging case stay beautiful and new, but you can also rest assured that the cover will protect the case from minor bumps and drops.

1. Robust Spigen armor

1. Robust Spigen armor

Spigen is generally known for the quality of its phone cases, and the same goes for its watch bands and earphone cases. They are robust and the armored construction is designed to withstand the weight of falls and falls. And yes, it also protects against regular scuffs and scratches. It fits like a glove, and the carbon fiber at the top gives the case a unique look. The hinges are uncovered, which means that the case will close with a press stud without any obstacle.

Note that the USB-C port does not have a flap or cover. On the upper side, there is a neat carabiner on the side that you use to buckle the case with your key chain or belt buckle.

The charging case of the Jabra Elite 75t indeed contains strong magnets, which helps the upper cover to remain closed even if it falls, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (see Jabra Elite 75t against Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus) and this Spigen holster helps seal the treat.

2. Aotao silicone case

Aotao silicone case

If you don’t want to shell out large sums of money, you can check out the Aotao silicone case. It is a simple and light silicone case that wraps around the body of the charging case and thus preserves the slim profile of the case. At the same time, it adapts to the case like a glove. Unlike the one above, there is no space near the hinges. Instead, you will find a raised lip connecting the top and bottom of the case. While this helps keep the top attached to the body, you may not like the look when you open the case.

Apart from that, the case offers a simple look. There is a cutout for the charging port as well as for the charging indicator. The neat “S” carabiner is very practical when you have to carry the case when you go out for your errands and your walks.

The Aotao silicone case has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Fakespot estimates that around 80% of these reviews are reliable. These cases are available in several exciting and vibrant colors and if you ask me, I am already struck by the red case. Well, they will help your Elite 75t stand out from the crowd.

3. Fromsky case for Jabra Elite 75t

Fromsky case for Jabra Elite 75t

Another worthwhile case is that of Fromsky. This one is made of silicone and the texture of the case helps for better grip. It has no fancy decorations on the outside or engravings. There is a loop on the right edge that you can use to loop a lanyard or carabiner to keep your Elite 75t attached to your backpack or pants. Or, you can just use it to loop around your wrist.

There is a neat cutout for the charging case and a fine molding covers the top and bottom of the case. It costs only $ 7 and is thin enough to maintain the original appearance of the charging case.

This Fromsky case has been well received by the user base, thanks to its precise fit and colors.

5 best protective cases for the Jabra Elite 75t Fromsky2

It is available in red, blue and black. There is also a translucent option, although this makes sense if you have the golden beige variant.

4. Silicone protective cover Azmix

Protective silicone case Azmix

If you prefer cases with small decorations or engravings, you can’t go wrong with the protective silicone case Azmix. This one has small earphones engraved on the front, which gives the case a slightly different appearance from the above cases. The fit is comfortable, and several Amazon users have supported it. Like many silicone covers, this will help prevent micro-scratches and other wear and tear, but when it comes to fall and drop protection, I will take complaints with a grain of salt.

Several user reviews have supported the lightweight design of this case. It has around 90 user reviews on Amazon, and Fakespot estimates that around 90% of them are reliable and trustworthy.

5 best protective cases for the Jabra Elite 75t Azmix2

You can choose from four color options, and yes, red is still the favorite.

5. RLSOCO case for Jabra Elite 75t

RLSOCO case for Jabra Elite 75t

If thin, flexible cases aren’t your thing, you can check out the RLSOCO case. This hard travel case is designed to hold our headphones and their charging cases as well as other essentials like the charging cable and extra tips (it’s pretty easy to lose them, I’m telling you). And the practical side pockets are designed to hold cash, cards and more. This turns out to be the perfect case to carry it to the gym, the office or when traveling.

Again, this is not your average case and will take up a lot of space. So, only if you carry a bag or briefcase on your daily commute, it will be an ideal purchase. It does not fit in the pockets and it will not be practical to carry it in the hand.

There are cutouts for the case and headphones, although I prefer to have my headphones in the charging case itself. Again, it’s a personal choice.

Cover them

For now, the market is quite saturated with silicone cases fitted in different shades. If none of the silicone cases you like, the best bet is the armored case from Spigen. Of course, this will add to the weight of the charging case, but at least your heads will stay away from danger.


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Last updated Jul 9, 2020

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