5 Android apps that change your wallpaper based on the weather

5 Android apps that change your wallpaper based on the weather

A good Android weather wallpaper app saves you from going out. Although you can have weather app widgets for technical details, a live weather wallpaper app has its own goals. It mixes scenic landscapes and animations with real weather data on the home screen. The final weather reading is not intrusive on your phone screen.

Do you need a phone wallpaper that automatically changes with the weather outside? We offer you the best live weather wallpaper apps for Android.

Our selection criteria

All of these apps have several thousand downloads from the Play Store and a rating of 4.4 and above. None of them will cause you eye strain as they blend very easily with the graphics of the Android home screen.

There are few or no intrusive ads, and in particular, they do not interfere with the home screen. Even then, they can be removed with a pro version. The weather applications have been tried and tested for the claimed functionality.

1. Paperland Live Wallpaper

The free and professional versions of Paperland Live Wallpaper give precise results thanks to AccuWeather. It has many themes choice, which are caricatured but pleasing to the eyes. Whether you want to cut out cars, buildings, trees or clouds, you can use a “Randomize” function to explore endless themes. Whether day or night, sunny or overcast, you have a good idea of ​​your environment.

Android Weather Wallpaper Paperland 1

The only downside is that most live weather statuses are locked in the pro option. However, if you combine the wallpaper with an appropriate weather app widget, you won’t miss the numbers. You can choose occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve to provide a “real” live wallpaper experience. Many Play Store users are impressed with the intuitive way the app changes the background of the wallpaper.

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Evaluation: (4.2 / 5)

2. Awesome Weather YoWindow + Live Wallpaper

If you want to replace a cartoon background with something more picturesque, give Amazing YoWindow Weather a trial. With over 5 million installations to date and a rating of 4.7, this app is really great for mixing weather data with beautiful wallpapers. Whether the graphics are animated or fixed, you will love the attention to detail of the application.

The display has a lot of imagination and a feeling of relaxation. Education and precision are also a major asset.

Android Weather Wallpaper Yowindow Readings 1Android Weather Wallpaper Yowindow Readings 1

You can also see where the rains and clouds are moving with radar maps, a pro function, all from the comfort of your phone without even double-tapping icons. Thanks to its uncluttered design, the Awesome Weather YoWindow weather app provides everything you need in a weather app.

Evaluation: (4.5 / 5)

3. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper provides greenery and panoramic visuals that adapt to the time of day and the weather. It retrieves its data from the Open Weather database. Weather and daylight change accordingly to match the outdoor climate.

Android Weather Wallpaper Forest 1Android Weather Wallpaper Forest 1

The app supports customizable colors for scenic elements such as hills, trees and mountains. So, depending on your mood, you can adjust them for better comfort. It also has a 3D parallax effect and shifts the layers by tilting the device.

Evaluation: (4/5)

4. Weather Live Wallpaper by SkySky

We will complete our list with a very advanced application, which gives you “the sunrise, the rainbow, the song of birds and all the reflections of the sun!” It’s as good as being outside. Weather Live Wallpaper by SkySky has multiple scenes with different themes. Each one has been crafted with vivid designs and you will be impressed by the incredible details.

Weather wallpaper Android Sky Skyjpg 1Weather wallpaper Android Sky Skyjpg 1

If you are using the free version, there is only one clear weather choice for the live wallpaper, with day and night without transitions. In the PRO version, all weather data can be seen directly on the screen. In addition, it allows you to customize the display of weather conditions on the wallpaper.

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The app has beautiful landscape support that is suitable for tablets. It gives weather forecasts for a number of days. The accuracy is better because unlike previous applications, it uses several weather stations to provide the information.

Android Weather Wallpaper Mode Landscape Support 1Android Weather Wallpaper Mode Landscape Support 1

Evaluation: (4.5 / 5)

Here we have discussed four excellent live weather wallpapers that will give you a good rough idea of ​​the weather outside. Do you prefer to use a weather wallpaper, widget application or any other means? Share it in the comments below!


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