4 of the best photo collage apps for iPhone

A photo collage is the perfect way to share photos on social networks or print beautiful memories. Do you want to show off an incredible vacation, an evening or the best meal you’ve had in a long time? These are just some of the many reasons why a collage app is a great solution for showing off a collection of moments. Most photo collage apps for iPhone do the same thing with grid layouts and other arrangements for viewing photos. This list will display applications that can create a photo collage, each in its own way.

1. Diptique

Available for $ 2.99, Diptych is one of the best apps for making beautiful collages on your iPhone. With more than 194 layouts, you can combine up to nine photos / videos into one layout. As is the case with most collage applications, images can be personalized by dragging in each frame to achieve the ideal layout. The Diptic interface is one of the most beautiful with a seemingly elegant design and feel. You can navigate quickly and choose from one of 14 additional filters. Choosing between brightness, contrast hue and color saturation will help you perfect each collage until it’s ready to be shared.

Best Iphone Diptic Photo Collage Apps

Diptic can import photos from the iPhone library as well as from Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. Collages can be shared in a similar way via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other application available in the iOS share sheet. Do you want to spice up your collage even more? Add music from your iTunes library to all collages that include video. A final highlight of Diptic is the ability to drag the lines to change the size and shape of each frame in a collage.

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2. Moldiv application

A combination of collage and photo editing application, Moldiv is one of the hundreds of collage apps available on iPhone. Available for free download (in-app purchases offered), Moldiv offers 310 available frames, including 135 magazine-style layouts. Each of the 310 frame options can incorporate stickers, text overlays, or patterns into the background frame. Want to change the style of the frame so that it is shaded, thicker, or rounder? These options are handy.

Best Iphone Moldiv Photo Collage AppsBest Iphone Moldiv Photo Collage Apps

As good as a collage application, the real strength of Moldiv is its ability to modify all the photos captured in the application. While most collage apps require you to edit photos before importing them, Moldvi is a one stop shop. There are over 201 filters that can be added to each photo, and for each text overlay, you can choose from over 300 fonts. Another highlight of Moldiv is that you can add up to 16 photos to a collage, among the highest number among all iPhone collage apps.

3. Collage Maker

Well appointed, Collage creator is another application that offers up to 16 photos in a single collage. While it could be a large number of photos, where Collage Maker (free with in-app purchases) really shines, it’s its choice of over 10,000 layouts. Not only are there predefined templates, but Collage Maker users can create their own unique layout. Within each layout, images can be rotated, cropped, moved and configured as desired.

Best photo collage apps Iphone Collage MakerBest photo collage apps Iphone Collage Maker

With a unique integrated AI art tool, images can be edited to appear as if they were created in the style of famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and more. Want to change the background of a photo and remove a stop sign or street lamp? An AI background eraser is activated directly in the app so you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite photo with an unfortunate photobomb. How about creating 3D collages? Collage Maker also includes this feature. A memes creator is available to really spice things up and launch the next Internet trend. A selfie editor allows users to edit their photos. It even includes the elimination of red eyes so that everyone is presentable.

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4. Instagram layout

If there is one company that knows a thing or two about specialized photo layouts, it’s Instagram. The company’s dedicated collage application, Instagram layout (free to download) is a great choice. The best part? You don’t need to use or even have an Instagram account to take advantage of the app’s features. The app offers up to nine photos at a time in any of the custom collage layouts. When creating a layout, the “Faces” tab searches on your phone to find other photos with the same face.

Best photo collage apps Iphone Layout InstagramBest photo collage apps Iphone Layout Instagram

Each photo can be associated with the exceptional selection of filters and creative tools from Instagram. The most unique aspect of the layout is that you start by selecting the photos you want to combine first. Most collage applications are the opposite, you first choose the layout and then the photos. Once you’ve selected the photos, you then choose the layout that works best. Each photo can be resized in the frame to fit properly. Unlike other collage applications, Layout does not offer an editing function instead of its huge selection of filters. The best part? Each collage you create is perfectly formatted for Instagram so you can share it on the platform without additional steps.

The above list of photo collage apps for iPhone allows you to quickly and easily create photo collages. However, if you want more than a collage, you can easily combine your live photos into a video.


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