4 best HDMI to DisplayPort adapters you can buy

4 best HDMI to DisplayPort adapters you can buy

Have you been stuck with a laptop with an HDMI output and a monitor with a DisplayPort input? Well, you are not alone. Fortunately, it is not the end of the world. You don’t have to buy a new laptop or monitor. Just close the gap with a quality HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, and that’s it! Besides closing the gap, adapters like this bring several benefits to the table. For example, you can also enjoy good picture quality combined with high refresh rate. Yes, no kidding.

Unlike DisplayPort to HDMI connectors, which are slim and sleek (check Starware DP to HDMI adapter), setup isn’t straightforward. Here, the adapter needs a dedicated power source in some cases (although on some configurations you can skip this step as well).

In most cases, adapters can provide a maximum refresh rate of 30Hz when you scale the display up to 4K resolution. The good news is that it doubles at 60Hz if you downgrade it to FHD or 2K, depending on the brand of the device.

So, if you’re still on board, here’s your roundup of the best HDMI to DisplayPort adapters you can buy. But before we go any further,

1. QGeeM HDMI to DisplayPort converter

QGeeM HDMI to DisplayPort converter

If you want your adapter to handle 4K content, you might want to check out QGeeM’s HDMI to DP adapter. It has a simple layout in which the USB-A port and HDMI head connect to your laptop and the DP port connects to the monitor via a compatible DisplayPort cable. As indicated previously, the USB-A head is used to power the entire installation. The adapter is light which is a big plus. The cable is only 6 inches in length, and if you have an extended monitor setup, you might need a longer DisplayPort cable to connect the two.

The QGeeM adapter supports a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, limited to a refresh rate of 30Hz. However, if you want to downgrade the resolution one notch, the adapter will allow you to run FHD content. up to 120 Hz. Another advantage is that the connectors are gold plated on the top to prevent tarnishing and long term oxidation.

That said, the cable is unidirectional and will not work as a DisplayPort to HDMI converter.

2. StarTech.com HDMI to DisplayPort Converter

StarTech.com HDMI to DisplayPort Converter

StarTech.com’s HDMI to DisplayPort converter is almost similar to the adapter above, although it is a bit more expensive. It has a similar design with the USB-A port drawing power from the connected laptop. The company also ships a USB-A extension cable with the case, which makes it flexible to route cables and have a more flexible setup. With this adapter, the maximum refresh rate is limited to 30Hz when playing 4K content.

It is a simple plug and play device and does not require any additional installation.

However, note that there is no special coating on the connector. So if you live in an environment that is too humid, the connectors can rust if you are not careful.

3. Foinnex HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter

Foinnex HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter

The Foinnex HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter works well with multiple devices such as laptops, PCs and gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and newer PlayStations. Its price is identical to that of StarTech. If we’re just starting from a user reviews perspective, this one is the more popular of the two. At first glance, the specs seem similar. You get the same flavor, like 4K resolution at 30Hz and 1080p on gaming devices.

The Foinnex HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter works well with older MacBook Pros that have HDMI ports and devices like the Mac Mini. It works right out of the box, and all you have to do is plug the cable into the correct connectors.

It has been well received by its user base. So far, it has relaunched over 600 user reviews on Amazon, with users praising it for its durability and minimal loss in display quality. Fakespot estimates that around 60% of these reviews are reliable.

4. Cable Matters HDMI to DisplayPort Adapters

Cable Matters HDMI to DisplayPort Adapters

So what sets Cable Matters’ HDMI to DisplayPort adapter apart? For one thing, the USB power cable is 3 feet long and gives you enough flexibility to route it to your preference. You don’t have the USB port next to the free HDMI port? Of course, he will fix the problem. Alternatively, you also have the option of connecting it to a dedicated power source. Here, too, the refresh rate peaks at 30Hz while playing content in 4K resolution. Fortunately, it supports 2K content up to 60Hz.

The adapter is a bit bigger than its peers above, but nothing that won’t cause you any inconvenience. The construction is durable and performs as advertised.

Note that Cable Matters does not provide any additional DisplayPort cables. You will therefore have to make this investment on your own.

Best HDMI to Display Port Adapters You Can Buy CM2

This HDMI to DP adapter has received its fair share of good reviews and got an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Based on Fakespot’s estimates, around 69% of them are reliable.

Step up the game

Unlike the popularity and easy availability of DisplayPort to HDMI connectors, HDMI to DisplayPort adapters are a bit hard to find. At the same time, they are unidirectional and only work for this type of configuration. But the good news is that most high-end monitor setups don’t need an additional power source.

Before clicking on the Buy button, check the compatibility of the device. While most adapters work well with monitors, that’s not always the case with Nintendo Switch, Oculus Rift, Asus high-end gaming monitors, and a few others.


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Last updated on Jul 26, 2020

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