4 Best Digital Photo Frame with Google Photos Support

4 Best Digital Photo Frame with Google Photos Support

If you are using Google Photos as your photo backup service, I’m sure you must have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos. I had almost 77,000 photos stored in my cloud storage account. I could revisit my memories of college at my first job at my wedding photos. So I think it would be nice to have some of these photos displayed on a sleek, slim digital photo frame.

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos support

Digital photo frames are easy to use and use. They allow you to change photos as you wish. Plus, some frames even let you send photos by email.

Photo frames with Google Photos support allow you to connect directly to the cloud service and select the album you want. Yes, that easy.

If you are thinking of buying a digital frame or planning to gift one, here are some of the best photo frames with Google Photos integration.

Let’s take a look.

1. PhotoShare Smart Frame

PhotoShare Smart Frame

PhotoShare Smart Frame

If you are looking for an affordable photo frame, you can check out the PhotoShare Smart Frame. This one costs around $ 100 and offers 1920 × 1080 resolution in a 10-inch screen. It comes with 8 GB internal memory and can store a large number of digital photos. Besides the integration of Google Photos, this smart frame can also connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The PhotoShare frame can receive approximately 50 photos at a time through the companion app. And if that wasn’t enough, the app also lets you add captions for photos.

For its price, this digital frame comes with a lot of extras. On the one hand, you can easily play videos and music. On days when the Wi-Fi is working, you can stick an SD card or USB stick and view the photos in all their glory. Sending photos from Google Photos is as easy as sharing the file right in the frame.

The photo quality isn’t one of the best, but it gets the job done for its price. The frame looks great and you can opt for interchangeable mattes to give it a conventional look. It’s available in tow variants – black and espresso, and the latter is really great.

2. Pix-Star digital photo frame

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

The Pix-Star Digital Frame is one of Amazon’s popular digital frames and has over 4,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This one brings home an HD display in an LED display. of 15 inches. It is feature rich and allows you to view your photos and videos via Wi-Fi, SD card, USB drive and a dedicated email address.

Apart from that, this Pix-Star framework supports a long list of web services like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, OneDrive (see OneDrive vs. Google Photos), among others. Of course, Google Photos is also on the list. Linking the application to a web service is simple and easy. The framework has an online image management system that shows you the names of the supported web platforms.

All you have to do is choose the one and go through the authentication process.

Image quality is crisp and clear, and you’ll find faithful color reproductions. Several users have supported this as part of their reviews. If we base ourselves on Fakespot’s estimates, around 74.7% of reviews are trustworthy and reliable.

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos Pix 2 support

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos Pix 2 support

An added benefit of this Pix-Star frame is that you can also listen to your favorite music if you plug in an SD card. As stated earlier, this feature is also used when you experience Wi-Fi downtime.

As for the look, I think this frame doesn’t look like conventional wood frames because the borders are a bit thin for my taste. However, this is my personal opinion.

The Pix-Star digital photo frame also comes with a physical remote control.

Aura Mason Frame

Aura Mason Frame

If you don’t just want another regular digital photo frame, you should definitely consider purchasing the Aura Mason Frame. The crux of this frame is its premium construction. The borders are thick and textured and give the vibes of a conventional wood frame. The frame has added weights on each side, making it easy to brace it vertically and horizontally without any additional support. Despite being smaller than most of its counterparts, the resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels makes images crisp and clear. And the neat touch bar at the top adds to the experience.

The strength of this digital photo frame is its clean and highly functional phone app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and handles most things from changing frame settings to playing around with photo settings.

In addition to support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, web support is limited to Google Photos and iCloud. And as you might have guessed, the link is made through the app.

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos support Aura Mason 2

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos support Aura Mason 2

The Aura Mason justifies its price with its nifty feature set. On the one hand, it automatically crops the photos to match the frame size. According to the folks at The Wirecutter, this framework did this job much better than its competition. Second, the touch bar at the top also allows you to tag your favorite photos.

Another cool feature is the automatic light sensor, which changes the screen brightness according to the ambient light.

The Aura Mason is in the same price bracket as the Pix-Star frame mentioned above, and if it’s the looks that mean the most to you, then the Mason you should go for.

4. Nixplay Seed Wave

Nixplay Seed Wave

Nixplay Seed Wave

Another popular digital frame is the Nixplay Seed Wave. With a sleek frame and a textured back, this frame is a looker and is the most expensive frame on this list. It has an attractive set of features such as Bluetooth integration, compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as support for many web services and applications like Instagram and Facebook. It brings FHD resolution on a 13.3 inch screen.

It comes with a nifty email feature that displays a photo as soon as you email a photo to the dedicated account. And the best part is that you can share this email address with your friends and family so that they can share photos right on your frame.

One of the highlights is the motion sensor. This one works well and has a range of 2.5 meters.

Installation is easy and painless. Once signed in to the companion app, you can sign in to Google Photos and photos from shared Google Photos. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also add soundtracks to your photo playlists through the app. Spotify users can stream songs directly to the Nixplay Seed Wave.

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos Nix 2 support

Best digital photo frame with Google Photos Nix 2 support

Understandably, the Nixplay Seed Wave received quite a few good reviews. However, it is not without its share of flaws. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, which means you’ll have to use the remote.

On the plus side, Nixplay has impressive customer service that is quick to help, and several Amazon users have backed this claim.

The big picture

If you want to add more chops to your digital photo frame, it’s best to invest in the Google Nest Hub. This nifty device is in the same price range as some of the executives on this list. However, it does offer a plethora of features and is the best for you if you are thinking about delving into the idea of ​​a smart home.


In the digital age, the joy of holding a physical photo in your hands is quite unique. Take a look at the following article for some of the best mobile photo printers.

Last updated Sep 13, 2020

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