4 best Android file transfer alternatives for Mac

4 best Android file transfer alternatives for Mac

Transferring files or backing up critical data from Android phone to Mac is quite difficult. Well, we have Google’s Android File Transfer app, but it’s a hit or miss affair and seems so outdated. It beats me that Apple’s Finder or any other Apple software doesn’t offer the functionality either. That’s why I have compiled a good list of Android File Transfer alternatives for Mac.

Besides supporting Android File Transfer’s uninspiring interface, it caps file transfer limits at 4GB. God forbid if you try to transfer data directly to a microSD card. To top it off, we often struggle with basic Mobile Transfer Protocol (MTP) connectivity with multiple devices. Indeed, Mac users are missing out on the Plug and Play experience of Android on Windows.

So, it’s high time that you put an end to it and check out this list of the best alternative Android file transfer apps for Mac.

OpenMTP [Free]

OpenMTP is a great free and open source Android file transfer alternative for Mac users. It provides a very nice dual panel interface to transfer files between your Android phone and Mac. Most importantly, you can easily transfer files larger than 4GB (** happy dance **).

Open an alternative to Android MTP file transfer

You can choose between a Grid view or a List view on one of the panes. On both panels, the left means your Mac and the right is your Android phone. Well, it can also interact between your phone’s internal memory and a memory card smartly. You can easily drag and drop the files you want to copy or transfer, and the transfer speeds are amazing.

One of the best features is that you can click on Settings and let OpenMTP show you all the hidden files.

AnyTrans [Freemium]

An older version of Android running a phone can lock you down on several fronts. Fortunately, AnyTrans for Android lets you connect your phone to a Mac through a dedicated app or web interface. The connectivity of their mac app to a mobile app can be frustrating if you want to transfer a few photos or songs quickly. I could blame Catalina for these problems. I often end up using the web interface for this and have often managed to download a few videos for personal use from several popular video sites. Also, the fact that you can even use it to mix files between your phone and Mac at blazingly fast transfer speeds is icing on the cake.

Any Android Trans File Transfer Alternative

One of the coolest features of this app is direct iOS to Android file sharing and transfer. Besides that, you can also organize and manage your photos as well as videos. The AnyTrans app for Android for Mac is available from the Setapp suite of apps which provides access to over 150 apps (lots of paid apps) for a monthly subscription of $ 9.99.

You can purchase a lifetime license of AnyTrans which brings you 24/7 customer support by paying a one-time fee of $ 39.99. After that, no matter how many phones you change, the support team will always be there to help.

SyncMate [Freemium]

This is another kickass Android file transfer app that provides system wide access to data like music, SMS, call history, bookmarks and even reminders. However, the free version only allows you to sync contacts, text messages, calls, and calendar. One of the coolest things about SyncMate is that it connects your phone to Mac like an external hard drive.

Alternative to Android Sync Mate File Transfer

Again, the free version will only allow you to view calendar, contacts, and SMS. So if they mean a lot to you, even sync them in the background. Well, even the process of initiating SyncMate to establish a connection via USB is a bit tricky. I tried with the Wi-Fi, and it worked like a charm. I only used it to make a backup of all the SMS I have accumulated over the years. SyncMate’s Expert license will cost you $ 39.95 for 2 Macs.

AirMore [Freemium]

Finally, the honorary mention goes to a robust alternative to AirDroid – AirMore. I know, I know, AirMore is not technically an “app” for macOS. However, it does offer a sleek web interface. AirDroid has raised some eyebrows with security concerns, and I prefer to use AirMore to transfer messages, files, and even sync notifications between a Mac and an Android phone. Read our comparison between AirDroid and AirMore to find out which option comes top.

Alternative to Air More Android file transfer

Open AirMore interface offers to let you connect your Android phone using QR code or Radar scan mode. Once you’ve connected your phone to the web interface, everything will be quick and smooth to transfer and move. Transferring files is almost like using one of the dedicated desktop apps mentioned in this list. Besides backing up data, you can even include apps and other documents. I use the Reflector feature to take screenshots for guides and more.

The real alternative

While there are several paid third-party options out there, I found the apps on this list to be sufficiently feature rich and easy to use. My goal was simple: transfer files and backup data from Android phone with the least hassle.

While none of these are perfect, you can still use two or more of these alternatives with your Mac. Whether you want to backup only the media files or other important data, these apps will help you achieve it smoothly. If you know of another alternative, please share it in the comments below. Also share your experience with it and a specific feature that you would like others to try.


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Last updated on Jul 28, 2020

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