3 useful Android apps to track usage of apps on Android

3 useful Android apps to track usage of apps on Android

If you find that your time is being wasted while using your phone, it is worth checking which apps absorb your time. Fortunately, there are apps available that can track the usage of the apps and the time you use on each app. Some may even warn you when you start spending too much time in one!

Let’s explore the best apps to track usage of your Android apps.

Note: These applications should run in the background in order to track the use of your application. Learn how you can prevent Android apps from automatically running in the background.

1. YourHour

YourHour is an application specially designed to combat addiction to the telephone. It does this by monitoring all the apps you use and the number of times you unlock your phone during the day.

When you start the app, you can adjust the daily limits for using and unlocking the app. Once set up, the app will start tracking how you use your phone during the day.

Android App Time Yourhour

The usage tracker is ideal for identifying the applications that drain your daily time. You can also activate a timer that appears when using an application, telling you how much time you spent on it today. When you start spending too much time, the clock changes from green to red.

The unlock counter records the number of times you unlock your phone. If you’ve gotten into the habit of unlocking your phone when you’re bored, this app will resume every time you do.

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The app won’t force you to stop using apps or stop you from unlocking your phone, but it will give you an overview of how you use it. As such, you will need to apply what you learn from the application to save time.

2. StayFree

While YourHour is great for keeping an eye on overall phone usage, Stay free is the best application for analyzing individual applications. Once installed, it will start tracking the time you spend on each application each day, then compile the data it collects in a detailed analysis.

Android App Time StayfreeAndroid App Time Stayfree

For example, StayFree lets you see how much time you spend in the app each day and how many times you start it. It will then calculate the average daily time you spend in the app to see if you go above or below. Then – the most impressive of all the features – he compares that to the world average recorded to see how you stack up against how others use this app.

You can also see each hour of the day you spent on the app to find hotspots in your daily routine, and then compare that to a weekly breakdown to see which days absorb your time the most.

3. Screen time

While it’s a good idea to cut down on some time-consuming apps, some are useful for your productivity. For example, you don’t want an application to report you for working in a word processor.

Screen time solves this problem by categorizing each application you have. If you use an application as a tool rather than a time waster, Screen Time will categorize it accordingly so that it does not disturb your daily screen quota.

Android app time screenAndroid app time screen

After a day, Screen Time shows you a graph of how you have used your time. This graph is broken down by category, so if you’ve spent a lot of time in productive applications, the graph will reflect that. As such, that makes Screen Time a good way to identify apps that are really wasting your time after you’ve removed beneficial apps from the equation.

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Learn more about your phone

If you’re having trouble figuring out which apps are wasting your time, there are apps that will help you do that. Whether you want to time the usage of each app, compare your usage to the world, or see your tool-entertainment balance, it’s easy with one app.

If you don’t want others to know which Android apps you have installed, find out how to hide your Android apps from prying eyes.


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