11 Chrome extensions for web designers and developers

11 Chrome extensions for web designers and developers

When developing a website, you need to make a checklist of many complex requirements. Whether it’s color schemes or fonts, CSS layout issues, or website responsiveness on various devices, it’s important to stay on top of emerging issues. Here are some of the best web development extensions for Google Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers).

1. Color picker

Do you fancy the color scheme of a random webpage and want to use it in your own project? A Chrome extension called Choice of color “Pipette” allows you to extract colors with extreme precision and adjustable zoom function.

Web Chrome 1 color picker

Extensions like these require permission on all websites to perform color extraction. If you want a little more advanced features, there is a tool called ColorZilla which comes with a gradient generator, palette viewer, and color history.

2. Screenshot of a full page in one click

Taking a web screenshot of an entire page is a necessity of everyday work. Sometimes the best way to communicate your design changes is to capture the entire website as is. With an extension called “One-click full page screenshotYou can achieve this with precision.

While the screenshot is in progress, the completed scroll image will open in a new window when completed.

Screenshot 1 of Chrome Web One Click full pageScreenshot 1 of Chrome Web One Click full page

The entire screen of the web page is now available for download in PNG format. You can also apply a number of effects to the image screen, including filters, drawing on the web page, adding text, and more.

If you just need the full screenshot of a visible screen, use this extension instead.

Screenshot 1 of the entire Chrome Web pageScreenshot 1 of the entire Chrome Web page

3. Modify this cookie

Web developers must access cookie managers to add, delete, modify, protect and block cookies. EditThisCookie is a useful extension that allows you to work with cookies as you wish and export or import them in JSON format. This helps you keep the website healthy by deleting old cookies and limiting the maximum extraction date of any cookies.

Chrome Web Editthiscookie 1Chrome Web Editthiscookie 1

4. ModHeader

ModHeader is one of the most popular Chrome extensions for modifying HTTP headers of web pages. With one or two clicks, you can enable header modification based on URL or resource type. The best part is that you can create multiple profiles and add different values ​​to the edited headers. All changes can be limited to a single tab or to an entire site.

Chrome 1 web module headerChrome Web Modheader 1

5. UX verification

We all need a heuristic assessment of the running website every now and then. This is made easy with UX verification, an extension that displays all UX-related comments in a side pane. After you click on an item that doesn’t match a heuristic you’ve rated, you can add notes and take screenshots. Finally, all changes can be exported in .docx format.

Chrome Web Ux Check 1Chrome Web Ux Check 1

6. Window resizer

Web developers need to emulate their web pages for different screen sizes. With Window resizer, you can perform these assessments easily for laptops, tablets, smartphones and any screen size you want.

Chrome web window resizerChrome web window resizer

The tool has cool features like “Rotate” and “Live Measure”, as well as lots of visual customization features. If you want to create a truly responsive website, make sure you have checked its appearance for all screen dimensions.

7. Lorem Ipsum generator

To quickly finish work on a web page, you need the default text. An extension called Lorem Ipsum generator offers several default text options of different paragraphs and sentences per paragraph. You can select text fragments or entire text using the “Auto Select” option. The final model gives an elegant appearance due to the possibilities of variation in the text.

Lorem Ipsum 1 Chrome Web GeneratorLorem Ipsum 1 Chrome Web Generator

8. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith is a classic extension to learn more about all the underlying technologies supporting a website. With just one click, it creates a profile that helps you discover the latest add-ons and tools that make the website stand out better. This helps you to replicate its functionality for your own use.

Chrome Web with 1Chrome Web with 1

9. WhatFont

WhatFont is one of the fastest and easiest ways to identify different types of fonts on a web page. You just need to hover over the text for full details. It supports advanced models like TypeKit and Google FontAPI.

Chrome Web Whatfont 1Chrome Web Whatfont 1

10. CheckMyLinks

Sometimes we need an objective summary of all the links to a website. CheckMyLinks is a popular extension for summarizing valid, invalid and broken links. The link results for any running website are immediately displayed in a side pane. This tool is extremely handy for last-minute spot checks before your website goes live or changes posted.

Chrome Web Checkmylinks 1Chrome Web Checkmylinks 1

11. Pesticide

Do you anticipate CSS layout issues on your website? Pesticide allows you to debug these issues by providing a preview of each page element. Holding the Ctrl key, you can see the item’s information and analyze the item’s placement on the page.

Chrome Web Pesticide 1Chrome Web Pesticide 1

There are many other popular web extensions that handle crucial details in website applications. For example, JSON Viewer helps those who work with JSON files. There is a HTML tree generator which gives a tree of all the elements of a website.

Besides the above, there are also plenty of Chrome extensions to improve your browsing speed. Check them!


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