11 best Skype keyboard shortcuts to use like a pro

11 best Skype keyboard shortcuts to use like a pro

People use instant messaging tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo, etc. to create digital meetings, conference rooms and discuss potential cat ideas. You can save a lot of time if you are quick with these tools, which are now part of your work routine. These services allow group video / voice calls and a few other features that allow you to have an environment close to the office. As Skype quickly becomes everyone’s favorite, we share some Skype keyboard shortcuts to help you master it in minutes.

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Skype is the oldest of the tools mentioned above. The service is trusted by hundreds of millions of users and is available on every platform you can think of. Skype provides group voice / video calls, chat function, poll, OneDrive integration, international calls, dark theme and much more.

Newcomers might find this inflated due to the number of features offered by Skype. The good news is that Skype has several keyboard shortcuts to start with. You can use them to navigate menus and functions in seconds.

In this article, we are going to talk about the eleven Skype keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC and Mac. Use them, memorize them and I’m sure your Skype experience will improve over time. Let’s start.

1. Toggle between light / dark theme

Skype respects the native dark theme on Windows 10 and macOS. Users can also switch between the dark theme and the light theme in the app settings. But why would we want to go into the settings every time for that? You can still use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T in Windows or Command + Shift + T in macOS to switch between the dark theme and the light theme on Skype.

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Dark theme skype

2. Access recent discussions

This is a handy shortcut. I use it all the time. Skype offers different sections, such as Chats, Calls, Navigation, Contacts in the application. You will mainly use the Recent Chats menu to browse current discussions. Users can use the Alt + 1 shortcut on Windows or Option + 1 on macOS to return to the recent conversations menu.

3. Start a new conversation

Skype offers several ways to start a conversation with a contact. You can find them via phone number, Skype ID or Microsoft account. To compose a new chat, use the shortcut Ctrl + N in Windows or Command + N in macOS, and it will open the search menu to browse the contacts.

New cat

4. Start group chat

Skype offers voice and group video calling features. You can create a group, add up to fifty participants and start your digital meeting on Skype. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G in Windows or the Command + G shortcut in macOS to quickly create a group with relevant images and names.

Group discussion

5. Answer an incoming call or start an audio call

Skype offers call options at the top. It can be quite difficult for inexperienced users to navigate. The company offers a convenient keyboard shortcut to answer an incoming call or to make a new voice call. You can use Ctrl + Shift + P for Windows or the Command + Shift + R keyboard shortcut for macOS to start an audio call or answer the incoming call.

Make a call

6. Start the video call

Skype originally gained popularity due to its video calling capabilities. The service offers a solid experience for making face-to-face calls with friends and family members. You can use the Command + Shift + K shortcut for macOS or Ctrl + Shift + K for Windows to make a video call from the recent chat menu.

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7. Add people to a call

Skype offers group video and voice calling features. You can have group conversations with up to fifty participants at a time. During a call, you may want to invite someone to the conversation. Use the shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + A for Windows or Command + Shift + A for macOS to add people to an active call.

8. Toggle Mute

During group video / voice calls, you may want to cut your side of the conversation for some reason. Instead of looking for the mute button in the app, you can still use Ctrl + M on Windows and Command + Shift + M on macOS to mute the sound.


9. Send a file

Skype offers the ability to send files and documents from OneDrive as well as local storage. During a conversation, you can either press the file icon at the bottom or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F in Windows and Command + Shift + F in macOS to open local storage on the device.

Send the file

10. Modify the last message sent

Did you know that Skype offers the possibility to modify the last message sent? And unlike other instant messaging apps, there is no time limit to edit the messages sent here. You can even edit two-day-old messages on Skype. You can either press the three-dot menu next to the message and select the edit option or use the up arrow on Windows and Command + Shift + E keyboard shortcut on macOS to change the last message sent.

Edit the message

This is handy when you want to quickly correct bad texts to someone on Skype.

11. Hide the conversation

Skype added the ability to archive or hide service threads. You can either right click on the discussion thread and hide the conversation or even better, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E to hide the conversation.

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Hide the cat

Use Skype like a pro

As you can see from the list above, Skype offers handy keyboard shortcuts for navigating menus and functions. Memorize it, use it daily and take your Skype experience to the next level. I would like Skype to add the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts like Zoom software.


Microsoft OneNote also offers some of the productive keyboard shortcuts to get started. Read the post below to find the best OneNote keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

Last updated April 16, 2020


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