11 best Microsoft Word templates to create an invoice

11 best Microsoft Word templates to create an invoice

Microsoft recently renamed the Office 365 package to Microsoft 365. The bundle is not limited to a new name. With the introduction of Microsoft 365, the company announced Microsoft Editor, video design ideas in PowerPoint, integration of Plaid in Excel, the Microsoft Family app, and hundreds of premium templates in Office apps. Fortunately, this should eliminate the painful ways of using Word to create the invoice.

So you can either create a document from scratch, or use the built-in template to start work quickly. Due to their booming popularity, the web is also filled with third-party models.

We’ve already talked about the best Microsoft Word templates for creating brochures, and in this article, we’re going to mention eleven best Microsoft Word templates for invoicing. Download the beautiful models, modify them and create invoices wherever you are. Let’s start.

Note: If you want to download one of the models from the list below, press the download button. It will open the template in Microsoft Word. This will be the read-only template, so you need to go to File> Save a copy and save the template to PC or OneDrive. Open the file from the same location and it is now ready for editing.

1. Standard Microsoft invoice

This invoice template is integrated into Microsoft Word. It’s a good mix of blue and white theme with lines, dividers and a cool header image. I like the way it provides all the possible details to include, such as the seller, shipping point, conditions, etc. It is one of the best to start with if you are a freelancer or if you have a small business.

Standard Microsoft invoice

2. Simple invoice

The standard Microsoft invoice may be too much for some. There are too many options and the overall appearance is also dated. This is where Simple Invoice shines. This blue sky themed invoice may be perfect for you. It allows you to add the company logo, name, item description, cost, etc. You can also add conditions and bank details below. Overall, it looks modern and neat.

Simple invoice

3. Sample service quote

This integrated Word template allows you to distribute service quotes while on the go. I like the use of the gradient blue color in the models. It is an ideal digital version of physical specification books. The user can add the company name, logo, job title, quantity, unit price and total amount. You can finish the model with a signature and a thank you note. It looks pretty professional too.

Service quote

4. Smart bill

It’s my favorite among the integrated Microsoft Word invoice templates. It is a beautiful model with a green gradient theme. Add the invoice name, company logo, date, address, payment terms, description, unit price and send the invoice to impress customers.

Green service invoice

5. Construction invoice

Do you work in the construction industry and want to create a quick construction invoice for clients? Use this third-party invoice template to provide quick estimates on the go. The template allows you to add information such as billing address, date, company name, etc. I like how the description is classified in materials and labor and also allows you to add an hourly wage.

Construction invoice

6. Consultation invoice

Those in the business of consulting should use this third party billing invoice template to make professional looking bills on the go. It’s simple, uses a green theme and gets the job done with the necessary details.

Consultation invoice

7. Education invoice

As the name suggests, the Education bill is useful in schools and colleges. During the admissions process, you may want to give the annual fee estimates to parents. You can use this template to add the academy or university logo, address, date, add description, etc. The template also allows you to add other rules and comments from the school organization.

Education invoice

8. Standard invoice

This third party invoice model is suitable for the majority and seems quite vanilla. If you don’t want to play with colors, use this simple white-themed template to create invoices. Add invoice name, description, unit cost, company name / address, etc. I like the simplicity of this model.

Elegent Invoice

9. Medical bill

This is useful in hospitals and medical stores. It is a simple but effective solution with relevant details. In addition to the normal information, one can add details such as the amount of medical insurance, adjust the total and calculate the balance. The template also allows you to add notes such as medication instructions, the next checkup date and more.

Medical bill

10. Sales invoice

You can use this model in all scenarios. It just looks neat and modern. On the left side there is a huge space which allows you to add details such as company name, address, note, etc. From the main interface, you can add company details, items, quantity and price.

sales receipt

11. Travel invoice

Do you run a travel business and want to create a quick trip estimate for visitors? Take the travel invoice template. I like the general appearance and the theme of the model. You can add a name, address, place name, booking fee, hotel fee, flight fee, visa amount, etc. Don’t forget to add general conditions and formal payment methods in the footer.

Travel service invoice

Use Microsoft Word like a pro

Templates are an integral part of the Microsoft Word experience. There is a template for each need and use scenario. From the models mentioned, which one will you use to create quick invoices? Ring in the comments section below.


Do you want to quickly create an invoice by phone? Read the article below to find the best billing apps for iOS and Android.

Last updated on May 5, 2020

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