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11 best Doom Eternal wallpapers in 4K and HD for PC and mobile

by David
11 best Doom Eternal wallpapers in 4K and HD for PC and mobile

Raze Hell! The earth has been taken by godless demons. The mighty Doom Slayers are back to destroy them. Successor to the hugely popular Doom, the all-new Doom Eternal brings back the godless trinity from raging hell, fast-paced gameplay and demons (many of them). And, they are more powerful than ever. The earth’s rescuers are quickly on their heels – the Doom Slayers.

So if you are excited by the glorious, dramatic and adrenaline-fueled action of killing all the demons, here is what you should do.

First, you must buy Doom Eternal for PC, PS4 or Xbox. Second, you should get a high resolution wallpaper from Doom Eternal and use it as the background for your phone and PC.

If I know you well, you must have already done the first part. For wallpapers, go right ahead.

Note: To download these Doom Eternal wallpapers in their original resolution., Click on the link under each image. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the images and select Save Image As.

1. The mighty murderer

Do you want everyone to know your love for Doom Eternal? If so, the above wallpaper is perfect for you. With the Doom Slayer about to reload its huge shotgun, you can only imagine what will happen next.

Will he blow them up? Will he tear apart the demons with his bare hands? Or will he just throw a bomb at them?

Besides, you are dead, you know that, as a player, you will have all the strength to tear apart demons with your own hands? Woah, it’s something.

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2. The Marauder

Umm … the horns look familiar, right? Loki imitated (check Avengers Endgame Wallpapers)?

On a serious note, a Marauder can impale a Death Slayer by firing a beam projectile from his ax. Yes, that glowing ax. In addition, this red ax can transform into a shield when the Marauder is attacked.

Do you see the resemblance of the Marauder to Quake’s death knight?

3. Apocalyptic reality

Many experts believe that an unsuitable firearm can get you in trouble. So when you go wrong in killing the demons of hell, make sure you have the right resources at your side.

And isn’t this work magnificent? The color of hell is reflected at the edges. Then there is chaos and action. Ahh … what more do you need to see the first thing in the morning when you turn on your PC. Shoot the obstacles of the day, right?

4. Is that what Hello looks like?

Did you know that a demon starts to glow blue and orange when you hurt it? Why blue? If you know the answer, please add it as a comment in the comments section

5. Conquer the demons

Did you know that some Doom Hunters were Ranak’s personal guardians? Additionally, these super heavy demons have a plethora of attack tactics. From the arm of a deadly chainsaw to using their arms to fire cannonballs, these demons redefine the term Boss.

6. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Fiery as hell. Lots of thoughts go into making the villain of a game – from backstory to armor and weapons.

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7. Apocalypse now

Now, it’s Doom Eternal for you in all its glory – a fiery red sky, flames and the evil demon priest looming, while the Doom Slayer, with his pretender costume and packed with the latest destruction destruction technology demon on his arms, look.

Is this what an apocalypse will look like when extraterrestrials take over (** thinking face **)?

8. The most powerful of them

This time, as a player, you will have access to a great shotgun. The crucial point of this weapon is its attachment to the hook, which brings you the enemy when you shoot them. Then there is the sticky bomb, which complements the shotgun. Pretty cool, right?

What is your favorite weapon in Doom Eternal?

9. Don’t stop

Wondering how to give to your PC a new chic look? How about setting the above image as your lock screen wallpaper for your PC. Is the color about right and the contrast levels about right?

Do you have an automatic lock on your Windows 10 PC?

10. The burp of flames

For the smartphone user in you, here is the perfect Doom Eternal wallpaper for your phone. Did you know that the shoulder-mounted flame thrower is called Flame Belch?

11. Doomguy – Earth’s Heroes

Doom Slayer, Doomsguy, The Beast, The Slayer, The Unchained Predator or The Hell Walker – there are many names by which the main protagonist of the game is known.

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Here are the gargantuan fights

So, if you’re up for an adrenaline rush with powerful fire-eaters and demons, get the game if you haven’t already. And while you’re preparing to fight another fight and another boss at the level, don’t forget to pick up the limited resources to boost your gameplay.

Which Doom game is your favorite game – Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth or Doom Eternal? Don’t forget to mention your answer in the comments section below.


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Last updated on April 11, 2020


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