10 WhatsApp things you did not know. Secrets you should know [2020]

10 WhatsApp things you did not know. Secrets you should know [2020]

We tell you 10 WhatsApp things you didn’t know until you finish reading this article. They are secrets that you should know and that, surely, will come from pearls.

Whatsapp things you didn't know

Whatsapp things you did not know

We review ten secrets of the most used messaging app on the planet. Functions that surely you did not know and that will come to you from pearls for your daily use of WhatsApp.

Even if you think you know them all, we invite you to take a look at them. We can surprise you.

10 WhatsApp things you didn’t know:

1- We continue «ONLINE» for 20 more seconds, after leaving the app:

Do you know that a person can be “ONLINE” but really not be ?. It is proven. You leaving WhatsApp, the application does not remove the “Online”, under your name, until 20 seconds have passed since you left the application. Did you know?. In the following video we show you, just from the minute 0:28 :

If you want to see more videos like this click below to subscribe to our Youtube channel APPerlas TV.

2- Answer without being online:

Do you know that you can answer messages without checking that you are “Online” in the application ?. To do this, reply to messages from the notification strips or from the notification center.

From the notification strips, we must slide the strip down to be able to answer it. We can also answer by pressing strongly, on the strip and thus respond with the help of the 3D Touch and Haptic Touch.

From the notification center, pressing strongly, we can also reply.

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Also with Siri we can answer messages without giving signs of being connected.

3- See states without a trace:

In the following link, we explain a very effective way of gossip states without a trace.

There is also the possibility of setting an alarm on the iPhone, before the status of the person you want to see and you do not want to find out expires. When the alarm sounds, go in to see it and, surely that contact will not know that you have seen it, since it will have disappeared from their profile.

4- Read WhatsApp messages without them noticing:

In the following link, we explain the different ways of reading messages without leaving a trace that we have read them. Learn how to do it and you will surely appreciate it.

5- Write to someone who blocked you on WhatsApp:

If you are blocked by a person in WhatsApp… do you know that there is a way to write to him breaking that block ?. Read the following article, if you want send a message to the person who blocked you on WhatsApp

Since the inclusion of the privacy settings in WhatsApp GroupsThis can fail if the contact has configured their WhatsApp to prevent them from adding you to groups without their permission.

6- Leave only a check marked in the messages sent to you on WhatsApp:

It may be that you have never considered the possibility of doing this, but surely it will be useful for you to do it more than once.

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In the beginning it was thought that only by blocking a person, you could do that. We all know that by blocking someone, every message that person sends us will appear with a single popcorn or check. Well we were wrong. In the following link we tell you the way to make only check the messages they send us, without the need to block anyone.

7- Send a false location and leave no trace:

If you didn’t know that, know that there is a way to submit a bogus location. In the next link, we explain how send a false location and leave no trace that it is.

One of the WhatsApp tricks most wanted and that in APPerlas We explain the best way to do it.

8- How to see the real name that each contact puts on their WhatsApp:

Have you ever been curious to see the name that each contact puts on their WhatsApp? If you did not know, the contacts appear in the app, with the name with which you have them written in your contact list. Read the next article that we link to you, if you want know the true name of each person on WhatsApp.

9- Know if you have been removed from the contacts of a mobile:

This is one of the curiosities that people look for the most on the internet. Knowing who of your contacts does not have you on their agenda is something that draws much attention to everyone. If you are one of those people, in the following tutorial we explain how to find out who has removed you from their mobile contacts.

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10- Delete messages you have sent and that have exceeded the limit set by WhatsApp to be able to delete them:

If you have ever sent a message and need to delete it, after a while … Did you know that there is a possibility of deleting them even if they have exceeded the time limit set by the app for it? In the following tutorial we explain how to delete WhatsApp messages.

We recall that the limit that WhatsApp currently has to delete a message is 13 hours, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

For this last trick you have to take into account what we discuss below. Be careful when deleting old WhatsApp messages.

Did you know these 10 things from WhatsApp ?.



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