10 WhatsApp news that will probably arrive in 2021

10 WhatsApp news that will probably arrive in 2021

We are going to talk about all the news that is supposed to reach WhatsApp in 2021. A compilation of functions that if they come true can help us get much more out of the most used messaging application on the planet.

10 WhatsApp news that will probably arrive in 2021

2021 begins and with this new year we all hope that WhatsApp add cool features to your application. It is a fact that there are much better messaging apps, such as Telegram, and we hope that this year the green app will raise the level in terms of novelties and that it can compete with its maximum competitor that, little by little, is gaining more market share.

The truth is that the app has started 2021 on the wrong foot given the change in your policies and getting a lot of criticism for it. It is something that is causing many users to migrate to alternative apps but let’s be clear and realistic, a hecatomb must happen so that all people go to, for example, Telegram.

We complain a lot but then, at the end of the day, we continue using the app that Zuckerberg bought years ago and went to the ecosystem of Facebook.

10 WhatsApp news for 2021:

Here we show you the 10 new functions that, possibly, will arrive during this year 2021:

  • News notifications and announcements so you know what’s new with every WhatsApp update. This is already done by Telegram and those of you who use this messaging app know that after each update you receive a message explaining everything new that comes to the application.
  • Possibility of integrating purchases in this instant messaging app.
  • Option «Read later» or similar. This will allow us to read WhatsApp messages when we can and not as soon as they arrive at our smartphone.
  • Audio calls and video calls for the Web and Desktop version for Windows and Mac, now in BETA phase.
  • Possibility to mute videos before sending them. In the editing options, we will find one that removes the audio from the video. This way you will only send the video without the audio.
  • He Holiday mode It will allow us to temporarily archive chats and groups, keeping them muted and without any type of notifications.
  • We will be able to log in on various platforms. This means that we can use our WhatsApp account, for example, on 2 or more phones at the same time.
  • The WhatsApp app for iPad could arrive.
  • The function could come so that the photos and videos you send also self-destruct. This improvement means that if you decide to send a photo, GIF, file or video you can put an “expiration date”, that is, you can choose how long it will be available. This is still in development.
  • And finally, the novelty that we would least like to see come. The incorporation of internal announcements, which will be seen at the top of the chat list.

What do you think? Would you add any other function to WhatsApp? If you think of any, write it in the comments of this article so that we can all participate in them. The same comes to app support and they add them in the future.



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