10 tips to improve SECURITY and PRIVACY on WhatsApp

10 tips to improve SECURITY and PRIVACY on WhatsApp

We are talking about 10 adjustments you should make if you want improve privacy on WhatsApp. We are going to review those settings that allow us to increase the level of security in the app.

Improve security and privacy on WhatsApp

Improve security and privacy on WhatsApp

WhatsApp It is one of the most used applications on the planet and that we all have installed on the iPhone. It will surely be one of the ones you use the most, right? Today we are going to review some settings of the app to see if we can improve your level of security and privacy in the app.

Just download and install WhatsApp We accept a few permits that you surely do not remember. These are access to our mobile contacts, access to the camera and microphone of the iPhone, access to the location, access to the photos of our reel, to the notifications…. All the permissions that you have given to the application can be seen in Settings / WhatsApp.

Surely you did not know that you had accepted so many permits, right? Well, for the proper functioning of the app, many of them are essential to have them active, but we can eliminate and make some adjustments in the application to improve our level of security and privacy.

If you want to improve security and privacy on WhatsApp, follow these tips:

Block access to WhatsApp:

Prevent anyone who has access to your terminal, can enter your account WhatsApp. To do this, activate the following setting: Access WhatsApp, then click settings / privacy and activate the option “Screen lock”. This will mean that to open the app you need to access it by showing your face, applying your fingerprint or entering a code.

In the following video we explain it more in depth:

How to prevent them from adding you to WhatsApp groups:

If you don’t want any contact to add you to WhatsApp groups without permission, you can avoid it in the following way: Access WhatsApp and then to Settings / Privacy / Groups. From there you can manage who you give permission to add you to a group.

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In the following video we explain it more in depth:

Avoid showing your name in the info. by WhatsApp:

Although you may not know it, there are people who are looking for people who are interested in WhatsApp. They enter phone numbers to see if they can access the profile picture and their name. Many people when they install WhatsApp, put their name in the info. of your profile, which we do not recommend. It is always better to put a phrase and even put some emojis.

If you put your name, anyone can know what your name is as long as you share a group of WhatsApp or start a chat with you. To avoid this, go to WhatsAppclick on setting and click on your profile image. Under it appears a place where you can put info. We recommend not putting your name.

If you want more information about it, click on the following article where we deal with the topic of how to see people’s names on WhatsApp.

Privacy settings on WhatsApp:

It is a subject that surely you already know but that does not hurt, to review it again. Coming into WhatsApp and accessing Settings / Account / PrivacyWe can manage who can see and who cannot, almost all of our info.

Privacy settings on WhatsAppPrivacy settings on WhatsApp

Privacy settings on WhatsApp

We can choose who can see our last time connected, our profile picture, our info … . A way to control who can access private information.

Avoid reading confirmations and increase your privacy on Whatsapp:

This is one of the app’s most controversial settings. Marking the double check blue To reveal that we have read a message, it is something that many people are not willing to share. This information has given many headaches and misunderstandings in the chats of WhatsApp… What insurance has ever happened to you?

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Well, we can disable it from Settings / Account / Privacy and disabling the option “Read confirmations”. That if, if you do, you know that you will not know when your contacts have read your messages. If you want more information about it, read our article in which we talk about how disable blue checks in the app.

Avoid showing WhatsApp messages on the iPhone lock screen:

If you don’t want to show messages that come to you on the lock screen of your iPhone, there is a way to avoid showing them. We all know that we can leave our mobile on a table and receive messages that anyone can read if they are near the terminal. But there are ways to avoid it. In the following video we talk about it:

Activate verification in 2 steps:

For greater security, we recommend activating verification in two steps. This will require a PIN when you re-register your phone number at WhatsApp. This allows us to avoid that anyone can seize the power of our account.

Imagine that you buy a new mobile and you have to activate WhatsApp at. When you download the app and enter your phone number, you will receive a personal or unique PIN that will give you permission to activate it. Highly recommend doing it.

Control who you share your WhatsApp STATES with:

It is something that many people ask us and it is something to keep in mind when they can access the information that we can share through this function of WhatsApp.

We recommend configuring the privacy of the states from Settings / Account / Privacy / States and give permission to see the people you really want to share them with.

For more information we recommend you watch this video:

Turn off location permission and improve privacy on WhatsApp:

It is one of the options that we can deactivate if we do not use it much. Is not that WhatsApp keep us in check, but it’s always good to share the less information we have, the better. That is why if you want to send your location live, you must have it active, but if you want to send your location specifically, it is not necessary to give this permission to the app.

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To deactivate it we access the settings of the iPhone and we look for the app WhatsApp. Click on it and click on the option “Location”. From the available options we mark “Never”.

Surely now you will wonder how you can share your location if you have denied permission to the app, right ?. Well, for this we will follow the steps that we discussed in the following tutorial. In it we talk about how to send the location by Whatsapp without giving permission to the app.

Avoid sharing your location in real time:

There have been cases of people who have controlled the location of others through this function of WhatsApp. It is relatively easy to activate it, there are even people who manage to share the live location of people who do not even notice it. They take the mobile, share it and send many messages to hide it in the list of chat messages. There really are people for everything and we tell you this because we have received inquiries of this type.

To see if you are sharing the location live with someone, WhatsApp enabled an option to check it. Since Settings / Account / Privacy we see an option called “Real-time location”. There it will tell us if we are sharing it with someone or not.

If we want to continue sharing we do nothing, but if we want to cancel it, click on the option and then click on “Stop sharing”.

Stop sharing location in real timeStop sharing location in real time

Stop sharing location in real time

This is all. We hope you have been interested in the article and share it with all your contacts to help them make their accounts more secure and private. WhatsApp.


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