10 best Microsoft Edge flags you must try

10 best Microsoft Edge flags you must try

There are many experimental features in Microsoft Edge that you can enable using its edge: // flags functionality. These metrics have many uses, from changing the appearance of your browser window, to productivity and privacy features, to accessing developer settings.

If you’re an Edge user, consider enabling our following selection of metrics, which are some of the best Microsoft Edge metrics you can find across any browser.

How to activate the edge indicators?

To enable and access Edge metrics, simply enter the following in the URL bar. You will need to restart Edge each time to make sure the indicator is working properly.

Edge Flags Access 1

To find a specific flag you can find it with the search bar or use Ctrl + F in the browser window. It is not necessary to remember other commands. You can easily turn off any of these settings if you no longer need them. You can also use the “Reset All” option to switch to the default Edge settings.

1. ClickOnce Support

ClickOnce is a useful Windows component that allows smooth deployment of any application without administrator permissions. Only Internet Explorer and Edge Chromium browsers offer native support for this unique feature.

Clickonce 1 dash flagsClickonce 1 dash flags

Once installed, ClickOnce will easily deploy and update the software to devices with minimal user interaction. You only have to click on a link in a web page, and it is deployed to the side. Programs can be installed without any user configuration, such as file location, options to install, etc.

2. Activate the sharing page via the QR code

Do you want to share a web page on your screen via QR code? Edge allows you to do this with a simple indicator for this purpose.

Qr Code 1 dash flagsQr Code 1 dash flags

Once activated, you just need to right click on the webpage to create a QR code for it as shown here.

Edge Flags Code Qr Right click 1Edge Flags Code Qr Right click 1

The QR code is ready to be shared and you can download the image to send to anyone on their phone.

Edge Flags Qr Code Ready sharedEdge Flags Qr Code Ready shared

3. Focus on dark mode for web content

Do you prefer a dark mode on your navigation screen? Your wish has come true with this bright Edge Flag which supports easy rendering of dark themes of different combinations.

Edge Flags Focus Dark Mode 1Edge Flags Focus Dark Mode 1

There are different types of dark mode to experiment with: the default mode turns everything black on your browser screen. If you need something less invasive, choose between “selective image inversion” and “selective all inversion”. You can always turn off these settings once you no longer need dark mode.

Edge Flags Dark Theme Browser Edge 1Edge Flags Dark Theme Browser Edge 1

4. Parallel download

This is one of the best features on Edge Flags for speeding up your file uploading. When enabled, the parallel download feature divides the file for download into separate tasks, making the job faster than trying to download the files all at once.

Edge Flags Parallel Download 1Edge Flags Parallel Download 1

5. Tab groups

Do you want each tab to be different from the others? The idea is to combine a similar task for a bunch of open tabs. That way, even if you’ve opened a lot more tabs while browsing, you can still go back to the groups of tabs that have a significant association.

Edge Flags 1 Tab GroupsEdge Flags 1 Tab Groups

To enable tab groups, just right click on the tabs you want to insert into the group. Group them as you wish.

Dash flags Add a tab to the new group 1Dash flags Add a tab to the new group 1

6. Anonymize local IP addresses exposed by WebRTC

Privacy enthusiasts rejoice! If you are using WebRTC applications such as Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Discord, or GoToMeeting, you may want to hide your private IP address. You can now use edge flags to hide these local IP addresses with a feature called Dynamically Generated Multicast DNS (mDNS).

Anonymous periphery indicators local Ips 1Anonymous periphery indicators local Ips 1

7. Smooth scrolling

You may have heard of smooth scrolling. This is a feature that allows you to improve the quality and scrolling speed on Edge. It helps you navigate a page smoothly, regardless of the page size.

Dashboard Flags Smooth Scroll 1Dashboard Flags Smooth Scroll 1

Regardless of the size and scope of a web page, you will feel a noticeable impact on the scrolling effort, making navigation much easier.

Dashboard Flags Smooth scrolling completed 1Dashboard Flags Smooth scrolling completed 1

8. Credit card autofill ablation experience

Another privacy feature that has many takers. If you don’t want your browser window to remember your credit card details for every new transaction, you should enable this autofill ablation test feature. There will be no more auto-complete suggestions for credit card numbers.

Edge Flags Credit Card Auto Fill Oblation 1Edge Flags Credit Card Auto Fill Oblation 1

9. Heavy advertising intervention

Sometimes heavy advertisements on some websites can monopolize your device’s resources. Edge allows you to disable these heavy advertisements by offloading them, thus minimizing the consumption of CPU, GPU and bandwidth. If you are planning to add an ad blocking extension, you can try this feature first, as it will really lighten the load on your system resources.

Edge Flags Heavy Ad Intervention 1Edge Flags Heavy Ad Intervention 1

10. Fill in the passwords when selecting the account

This is a useful privacy feature for managing Microsoft Edge autofill settings. For sensitive websites, you might prefer to fill in passwords every time rather than have autofill suggestions. You can do it easily on Edge with this indicator.

Edge indicators fill in passwords 1Edge indicators fill in passwords 1

If you miss the autofill feature for common websites like Gmail, you can easily turn off the above flag.

Edge indicators fill in passwords every time 1Edge indicators fill in passwords every time 1

Microsoft Edge is proven to be a versatile browser with a full set of features, just like you will find in Chrome or Firefox. Using flags will surely make your browsing experience more fun and engaging. What Microsoft Edge metrics have you enabled? Let us know in the comments.


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